Kansas Postgame Quotes-vs. SE Missouri State

Nov. 14, 2012

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Kansas 68, SE Missouri State 58
November 14, 2012
Postgame Quotes

Kansas head coach Bonnie Henrickson
Opening Statement:
“I thought Tania was the rock star tonight. She was good when we weren’t and really probably the only reason we get out of here alive. I think her and Natalie went on a 9-0 run and bring us some offense, and they started missing shots that they were making earlier in the evening. But defensively we have to be better and have some dog on the ball and some fight in passing lanes and we’ve got to have more bench production on the offensive end and defensive end.”

On putting Carolyn Davis back in at the end of the game:
“Well, today I kept her on the bench a little bit longer, the trainer looked over at scolded me, telling me how many minutes she had played. She certainly made the most of every touch she got and I think she scored every time she touched that thing, got fouled.”

On Monica Engelman struggling:
“You can see it all over Monica’s face every time she misses a shot. Shoulders drop, head, chin drop. You have to play. Go get a stop, go get an offensive rebound. She had three offensive rebounds in the first half. But, she has to be more disciplined on how she’s shooting the ball because the kid can make shots. She might have the ball in her hand a minute if she plays thirty minutes, so that minute is affecting the other 29. As a senior she has to have a better presence about her than she showed tonight.”

On playing Wake Forest next Sunday:
“They’re big, they’re long, they’re athletic. It’s a one-point game at their place last year. Now a new staff, their personnel’s the same. Their coaching staff is different, so banking on a lot of what we can get from this year in a small amount of games certainly of what Jenny’s going to run and what they’ll do defensively. But, we’ve got our hands full and we’ve got to be a lot better in a hurry.”

Kansas forward Carolyn Davis
On how playing has been with her knee:

“It feels good; I’ve been feeling good the past couple of days so coming into the game I was a lot more confident. I’m usually a little sore afterwards, but other than that I’ve been feeling really good.”

On what made her play so effective tonight:
“I just noticed that they had a lot smaller post players and it was time to dominate. I’ve been feeling kind of out of rhythm, not playing a lot of minutes, and so I just took this game as a chance to get in there and try to get back in my groove.”

Kansas forward Tania Jackson
On missing a couple shots and then drawing a foul:

“I’m just focusing more on rebounding; I’m trying to make that my focus and bring that to the team. I do that anyway that I can, and I was kind of mad I missed my layups, but just getting offensive rebounds and trying to provide that energy was my focus tonight.”

On whether or not this was her best game as a Jayhawk:
“I think as far as energy and being active and just being who I was before I got all my injuries, including high school, I think that was my best game just being active and energetic.”

Kansas guard Natalie Knight
On the team contribution as a whole:

“I think we all need to step it up as a team and everybody needs to contribute, whether it be from just getting a rebound or a hustle play. We all need to step up and contribute in some way.”

Southeast Missouri State head coach Ty Margenthaler
Opening statement:
“Going into this evening’s game after a tough game against UMKC, and just traveling over here yesterday to prepare for Kansas in a short time, we knew it was going to be a big task. I was proud of our team’s effort tonight. Quite honestly, our basketball team is just learning how to win and how to compete for 40 minutes. I think we hustled; I thought we worked really hard. I thought we gave Kansas everything we had. We can take a lot out of this game positively and get ready for the Ohio Valley once we start the new season.”

On his plan against Kansas senior guard Angel Goodrich:
“(Goodrich) is a tremendous basketball player. She can do a lot of things with the basketball and we know (Kansas) loves to run ball screens. We kind of went back and forth as a staff, but we decided that the best way to defend their ball screens would be trying to not just have her go north and south all the time. I thought early in the game we were a little timid. We didn’t pick her up early. She got going and got some open shots, but overall, I thought we did a pretty nice job handling her. I thought their ball screens were effective on her.”

On defending Kansas senior forward Carolyn Davis:
“(Davis is) so long and she’s so talented. With our team not having the giants that Kansas has we knew it was going to be tough. I thought our double teams were effective and caused some problems, but when she gets too deep, it’s awfully difficult. She’s talented and she’s going to catch and shoot right over her shoulder. Something that we talked about is trying to put a little more pressure on our guard court, and not to mention making the easy entry pass. Again, that’s a tough task for our basketball team, but overall I thought we did a pretty good job on her.”

On out-rebounding Kansas in the first half:
“We’ve been talking about (Davis) since our last game. We did a poor job rebounding (against UMKC). We weren’t physical or aggressive and our emphasis was definitely boxing-out. Yesterday during practice we spent about 25 minutes just being physical. If we’re in position the officials will give the right call, and we talked a lot about that. We were just more a little hungry tonight, more aggressive, had a nose for the ball and I was really proud of them for that because we need to contain that and just keep working. Again, our effort was really good on the glass.”