Postgame Quotes

Nov. 15, 2007

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Kansas 92, Washburn 60
Nov. 15, 2007
Postgame Quotes

Kansas Head Coach Bill Self
On Brandon Rush’s return:
“I thought he played really well. They told me he was done at the four minute time out, but I tried to get a few more minutes out of him. We just wanted to see how he feels. He had a couple of shots, got knocked down a few times and went to the hole hard. I thought he did a nice job, maybe even our best player tonight to be honest with you.”

On the game:
“Our starters didn’t come ready to play. We were flat. We fouled at the end of the shot clock a couple of times and bailed them out. We didn’t have that much energy. The starters got us off to a shaky start and after that we did all right, but that’s something we have to improve on.”

On Kansas’ post play:
“Our guys should play well against Washburn because we are so much bigger than they are. When you look at it, did we score points that we need to score on the road against Big 12 teams? I’d say some of them were, but not many. Darrell (Arthur) has to give us more than he’s been giving us. Sasha (Kaun) has to make free throws and Darnell (Jackson) has to be more consistent. We are doing some good things collectively as a unit, but we have to get some individuals playing at higher levels with more energy. I think we can do a lot better.”

On Rodrick Stweart replacing Sherron Collins:
“I thought Rod did some good things. He had one sequence in the second half that was fabulous. Rod plays with energy. He may break down, but usually when a guy plays real hard he can overcome those breakdowns. It was one of those games where I didn’t anticipate that we would play great, but we can certainly do a lot better. We’re definitley not the same team, speed-wise, without Sherron. He brings an element that the other two guards do a good job at, but when you have a third guard out there you are obviously a lot more difficult to guard. Hopefully we’ll get him back in a timely manner.”

Kansas Forward Brandon Rush

On how his knee felt during the game:
“I felt pretty good. When I started to get up and down the floor, I started feeling like my normal self. It felt good.”

On his play:
“I did not hold back at all. In practice, I was agressive all the time, so I just tried to bring it out here on the court. I was a little nervous because I had not been out on the court in awhile, only in practice. I was a little nervous, but I was not worrying about my knee at all.”

On why he did not play in the second half:
“I was not stiff at all. They told me that I could not play in the second half, so I just sat down and chilled out. I would like to play a lot more. The trainers and doctors said that I could only play 12 to 15 minutes, and I used all of those up in the first half.”

On his timeline for getting back into the lineup:
“On Nov. 1, it was full contact. Everything went pretty well and Coach (Self) saw that everything was fine. The doctor said that I could play today, so he went along with it. I thought I was going to be back on Dec. 1, but the doctor said that it was fine.”

On receiving a standing ovation when he entered the game:
“It felt good. I got chills throughout my body. I was pretty excited about it.”

On how long he has to wear his knee brace:
“I have to wear it for another two months, not for the whole season.”

Kansas Guard Mario Chalmers
On the game:
“I think we did on okay job tonight. I think we still have a lot of things to work on and to get better at before we play our next couple games. We are going to get back, get focused and get ready for our next game”

On Coach Self’s remarks after the game:
“Free-throws, block outs and blocking out period. Not letting their best players score and not letting the other team score, period. We just need to have a different mind-set and not let the other team score at all.”

On breaking the game open:
“I think it helped us a lot when Sasha (Kaun) got back out there. It gave us another big presence. (Washburn) focused a lot on Sasha, not letting the bigs get started. When he was out there, we could go to (Darrell Arthur), and he got easy buckets. I think that is what helped us out.”

On Brandon Rush’s return:
“It was great to have Brandon out there. He is one of our best players, and with Sherron (Collins) held down, we needed someone to step up and fill his shoes and I think Brandon and (Rodrick Stewart) were able to do that. He isn’t the old Brandon yet, but he is getting there. I think a couple of games will give him more confidence and he will be ready. I think he needs one or two more game just to get a feel for it. He only played 12 minutes tonight, so he just needs to play a little bit more.”

Washburn Head Coach Bob Chipman
On the game:
“I was happy with our defense. In the first half I thought we were able to keep them away from basket and when they did get close, I thought we fouled them and made them earn it at the free-throw line. I thought we kept them pretty well in check. We had a heck of a time running our offense and scoring against them. Their defense is great. I was pleased with the first half, but in the second half their big guys said `hey I am going to catch it underneath the rim and I’m scoring it’. They were so, so good offensively catching the ball deep and finishing. It was overwhelming. We kept playing and we got a lot out of the game even thought they got away from us a bit. I was pleased that we kept playing and trying. It was a good outing for us.”

On junior Brandon Rush:
“I applauded him when he hit that first shot. He is great for basketball. For a kid like that to stay and play another year is great. He looks good. I hope he keeps going and has a tremendous year. I hope he then is able to play many more years in the NBA.”

On this year’s version of Kansas:
“KU teams of the last 20 years have been pretty comparable, but they are good. This team has guards that are very explosive. I always think that a team is as good as their guards and they have some special guards in this group. We didn’t even get to see Sherron (Collins) tonight. The guard play here is a wow, with a big w.”

Washburn Guard Angel Santiago
On playing at Kansas in Allen Fieldhouse:
“It was a great experience coming to Kansas. I always wanted to play at KU. I was recruited by Bill Self when I was in high school. It was a big game.”

On his relationship with Sherron Collins:
“We’re actually best friends and we played in the same conference back home. I had a little chat with him before the game and after the game. I’m really disappointed I didn’t get to go against him. I hope he recovers well.”

On his second half production:
“I was trying to give my team a little spark even though we were down, to not let them down. I’m a leader, so I came out in the second half trying to give them a little something. I’m trying to do everything they tell me to do and mix it in with my game and keep rolling.”

On Kansas guard Brandon Rush:
“Brandon Rush is a good player. Once you’re a good player and you have an injury, you still have it. You can tell he still has it, even though he wasn’t going full strength, but Brandon Rush is Brandon Rush.”

On what impressed him about Kansas:
“Their inside postmen are really strong and aggressive and their outside perimeter shooting is really good. They did a really good job executing their plays.”

Washburn Guard James Williams
On Kansas’ size:
“Size was the biggest difference. We hung with them in the first half until about a six minute run when they imposed their will on us. For the most part, we never gave up at all throughout the game. We were always in position, but they were just a little bit bigger and a little more physical.”

On Brandon Rush’s comeback:
“He looked like he was still in the process of coming back, but for the most part, I was impressed with him coming off the bench and being able to move the way he was with the big knee brace on. I was definitely impressed with him.”

On what Washburn draws from this game:
“The biggest thing we take out of this game is confidence. Knowing that we can hang with some of the best Division I teams in the country and then take that confidence into our games in Division II is going to be the biggest boost for us.”