Postgame Quotes

Nov. 17, 2010

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Postgame Quotes

Kansas 85, Texas A&M CC 44

November 17, 2010

Kansas coach Bonnie Henrickson quotes

Opening Statement:

“We were just lackadaisical, lackluster, when we got up and pressured we got them in transition, which is how we want to play, but we were just flat and disappointing quite honestly. We had a couple stretches where we were decent, but certainly not very many, and to turn the ball over and be that sloppy and casual and commit offensive fouls. I guess it will be a great teaching tape. It will be ugly. It will be a horror movie.”

On the outcome:

“I didn’t care what the score was; it was about execution, about effort, about how we are supposed to play, and from the tip the times we throw it to Carolyn a couple times inside were good, but we went into a bit of a fog.”

On Carolyn’s dominance at the start of the game:

“She ran in front of the rim, and we found her. She got clean looks, one-on-one looks, and people trailing her in transition. We got it to her pretty quick. She was 9-10, and then we started out the second half with a jump shot. We need to throw her the ball, she is 9-10.”

On whether the poor performance was related to the lopsided score:

“They knew they weren’t good, they weren’t dialed in, they weren’t focused, and they didn’t fly around like we had been defensively. We started out the second half saying it was zero-zero. I don’t care what the score is, just play and execute. We were a little bit better in spurts in the second half, and were good out of the gate and then in stretches we weren’t very good, not very enthused it looked like.”

On outside play:

“We are going to play inside first, and our perimeter has to understand that what they are going to have to do is knock down uncontested shots, because that’s what they are going to be able to get when our post game is this talented. If you’re a shooter and you are in a game spot, in a place where you can make a shot, then you don’t hesitate and step up and knock one down. I don’t think we were very focused when the ball was coming to us to get our feet right, because we are a better shooting team than that, but we weren’t ready to take a lot of shots.”

On playing Wisconsin on Sunday:

“I have watched them a little bit on film. They are really big and physical inside, their perimeter is big and physical, they have a couple athletes on the perimeter. They are a team that has played primarily man-to-man. They have a big game tomorrow night against Wisconsin-Green Bay, which is sold out over there. That’s a team that almost beat Iowa State in the tournament in Ames last year, so they are really talented, so it should be a great game; it has become a really great rivalry between those two teams. They have a couple kids hurt, one might be back by tomorrow and the other is still questionable from a knee injury. We give up a lot in size and girth, they will be big and physical inside, and we need to be fast and try to run around them, and run by them and use our speed and our athleticism. There will be two contrasting styles going. Both teams will play man and try to get up and guard, but how we play is much different because of what our parts look like.”

Sophomore Guard Monica Engelman

On the team three-point attempts

“We had a lot of three-point attempts and we should have thrown it into the post more. I think it is kind of annoying that our shots were off, but we need to pass it into the post more.”

On passing the ball into Carolyn Davis

“There was obviously a height advantage and make it easier for her to get a bucket. In transition Carolyn can spread out the defense as well.”

On the team’s goals for the season

“We had a meeting the other day and one of our goals is to finish the season undefeated in nonconference. Finishing the nonconference undefeated is one of the goals that we are focused on as a team.”

Junior Forward Aishah Sutherland

On A&M Corpus-Christi height disadvantage

“They were smaller than us so we needed to keep the ball high and finish. We came focused in this game regardless of the height advantage about finishing.”

On teammate Carolyn Davis

“She is able to finish around the rim very well. If you throw any ball up to her, she will be able to grab it and finish it.

On Wisconsin post players

“I think this game is going to be a better challenge, but we are going to still play our game. We are still going to do high-low, but we just need to use our quickness because they are bigger.”

Freshman Guard Keena Mays

On what she expects in her first road game of the year:
“Obviously it will be a home-court advantage for them, so we have to go in there and make our own energy. Hopefully we can come out with a win. We haven’t talked about it yet. We were focused on this game, but I’m sure tomorrow we’ll talk about Wisconsin.”

On the biggest adjustment to college basketball:

“The speed of the game. Obviously there’s a shot clock, so I can’t take my time. I have to get into the play and get the ball to the open player.”

On Angel Goodrich:
“She’s been very helpful. Whenever I need help, she’s always there. Whenever I have a question, I can always go to her and she can help me out as another point guard. I think she’s a really good player. I look up to her.”

On the incoming recruiting class:
“One of the main reasons I came here was to help build the program and our 2011 class coming in is really good, so I’m excited.”

Sophomore Forward Carolyn Davis

On her strong performance to begin the game:
“They were really small, so we went inside early. That’s what we always talk about doing. I used my height to my advantage and got a lot of easy buckets.”

On Wisconsin:

“Coach is telling me they’re pretty big. I’m psyched to play against them because we haven’t had any good competition as far as post play. I think that it will be a good test for us on the road.”

Texas A&M Corpus Christi Head Coach Robert Robinson

On Kansas’ Frontcourt:

“Because of their size, they were able to do pretty much whatever they wanted to do. Our kids were small and they battled as much they could, but they started beating us on the lobs, all they had to do was jump over our kids. The effort was there, but we were way undersized and that made things easy for them.”

On what he takes away:

“Like I told the kids, I thought we fought and I thought we competed in the first half. We gave ourselves a chance to make a run in the second half, but we just didn’t start well in the first five minutes of the second half. We got down early and that kind of destroyed our confidence. After that point, we had dug too big of a hole to get out of. But like I said, we definitely saw some improvement from last game in the first half of this game.”

On what needs to happen in the future:

“Well I think we just need to stay positive. Right now a lot of our kids don’t have a lot of confidence with us losing our two starting post players at the beginning of the year, that has kind of set us back a little bit. We had to kind of take our whole offense apart and restructure it and our kids haven’t really adapted to it yet. Throw in the fact that our other best player goes 0-7 from the field today, that’s not going to win you many ball games.”