Kansas Postgame Quotes - vs. Wake Forest

Nov. 18, 2012

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Kansas head coach Bonnie Henrickson
Opening Statement:
“We had big opportunities at the end to make some free throws and get a stop. It’s like we told the kids, `it’s tremendous value in winning a game like that and being in a game like that.’ Certainly, we need to address why we’re in a game like that and we’ve got to make the open shots, we have to defend some on ball screen action better but there’s value in it but we have to address why it’s that close though. I mean how many of those shots are uncontested? We just have to calm down and knock one down.”

On Angel making biggest play of game:
“I had to get out of the way because she (Angel Goodrich) was walking a tight rope on the sideline and there isn’t a lot of room over there, so I’m thinking `you better get out of her way’ and sure enough she hits it. How many times did she do that last year? A couple times, three times. The worst look (from three), and it was the only one that went.”

On Wake Forest taking lead:
“I thought we played more aggressive in the last couple minutes. It’s not that we weren’t aggressive, it’s hard when you try for an uncontested shot and everyone in the gym thinks it’s going in but it doesn’t and you get a little antsy. To give them that many offensive rebounds is something that just can’t happen. The poor people in the stands are screaming, I never hear anyone in the stands, but I hear them scream to box out and I’m right there with them because we have to hit somebody. We just stood up and they just ran right by us, the shooter probably got half of them and the guy standing next to the shooter got the rest of them. We presented challenges for ourselves because we don’t make open shots and then we give them too many second and third chances, and those turn into free throws on the offensive way back.”

On how frustrating it is to see the team struggle shooting the ball:
“You have to shoot your way out of it. Come in, get some extra shots up, feel good about yourself, get some confidence about your shots, and we’ll be fine. We are executing to get uncontested shots. You have to step up, heart-rates should drop a little bit, and think `this one’s going.’ We’ll get to that point.”

Kansas senior forward Carolyn Davis
On how her knee feels after playing 27 minutes in Sunday’s game:
“I feel good. I didn’t realize how many minutes I played. After I looked at (the number) I just thought my trainer might be a little upset with it.”

On her mentality in the second half:
“It was frustrating being down at halftime. We talked about how they were going to play in the first half, and there were a lot of assignments that we messed up. We talked about rebounding as well as we could and executing on the offensive end. I just didn’t think we were being aggressive and I tried to come out in the second half and set the tone.”

On being in foul trouble:
“It was (frustrating) because I was in foul trouble during the last game (against Wake Forest). I just felt like a couple of the fouls were off. I was frustrated with myself for getting caught in that situation because I knew how the referees were calling the game. I should’ve backed off a little bit.”

Kansas junior forward Tania Jackson
On fitting into her starting role:
“I just tried to do what I do best: rebound and crash the boards hard. If the opportunity comes, I’ll try to score a layup or hit a jump shot and I’ll try to do my best to knock them down.”

On her chemistry during the game with senior forward Carolyn Davis:
“In practice we’ve done a lot more with high post to low post throws and finishes. Our post coach, Katie (O’Connor), just put a lot of emphasis during the whole week on high-to-low passes and how we need to utilize that because we’re good at it.”

On making crucial free throws late in the game:
“We shoot free throws a lot (in practice). On Saturday, we shot 100 free throws, so for the most part, it comes naturally to everybody. We do a great job of knocking them down in practice. For anybody to be up at the line, it wouldn’t be a big deal. We’re confident enough to knock them down.”

Wake Forest head coach Jen Hoover
On Angel’s floater at the end:
“I think that was a major turning point in the game for them. We were with them neck-and-neck up to that. Obviously, Davis is a phenomenal player and we knew at any point they were really going to start going to her. In the second half there were a few times where we just couldn’t stop her. We talked about it all throughout the game and they were going to make runs. We played defense all the way through to the final buzzer. But at the same time we have to come down and execute on the other end. I thought tonight we really came out and battled. We even won the battle on the boards. I thought that was a big growth for us.”

On her team’s zone defense:
“We have run it a little bit here and there. We kind of switch up a little bit, especially when you’re going up against a dominant post player such as Davis.”

On her team’s run at the end of the first half:
“We really came out and attacked off of ball screens. We felt that we found kind of a weakness and we felt that we were very good at doing that. I thought our players were doing a good job of getting their way to the basket. We really put an emphasis on being aggressive and dictating the flow of the game. Once you get momentum you have to seize that opportunity and I felt that we did.”

Wake Forest senior guard Asia Williams
On run at the end of the first quarter:
“We started the game off slow. When we made that run we knew that we could play with them. We just had to get it going.”

On out rebounding KU:
“It lets us know that we can play with anybody as long as we box out. Our first two games we lost the battle on the boards and still found a way to win. It just shows what we can do when we win the battle of the boards.”

Wake Forest senior guard Lakevia Boykin
On coach’s message right before the run at end of first half:
“She told us to just keep playing hard. We need to keep boxing out and to dictate the tempo of the game. But most importantly to play good defense and execute properly.”

On positives taken from this game:
“We know that if we play defense aggressively, rebound the ball as much as we did tonight, and play as hard as we did we can pretty much play with anybody we match up against. We just fell short today.”