Nov. 21, 2004

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Kansas Post-Game Quotes

Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson
On the game:
“We need to rebound better and work on boxing out. We gave up 19 offensive rebounds, which gave them some good looks at easy shots. Right now we don’t have the discipline to take care of each possession. We let them run to the rim and get offensive rebounds. This team needs to understand that when we get a ten-point lead, we need to keep going and not just forget how we got the lead. We have given up leads twice now. Against the West Coast All-Stars, we were up early and then let them back in the game, so they felt like they could beat us. We ended up losing in then and after we had a lead today. We had too many possessions where we had four of our five players running the offense correctly. Everytime that happens we give up a turnover and an easy basket. A lot of people will talk about the call at the end of the game, but it never should have come down to a one-possession game. That’s not the reason we lost the game, it was all the other things we did, the 39 minutes before it.”

On Crystal Kemp:
“Crystal was in foul trouble, so Alicia Rhymes got the best post player on the floor. Crystal needs to stay out of foul trouble, so she can guard their best post player. Right now she is giving nothing defensively, because she is not getting the best matchup. We need more offense and better defense from her.”

On the perimeter shooting:
“We were off balance. We need to be disciplined in shooting the right way everytime. Kaylee (Brown) is a good shooter when she is balanced, but like most of us, isn’t good when she is off balance. We have to be ready and not be surprised on a kick out or off a down-screen. Those are all missed opportunities. If we make people shoot lay-ups to beat us, we will never survive in this league and that is what we are having people do to us right now.”

Junior Forward Crystal Kemp
On the game:
“We weren’t quite as aggressive as they were, but I thought we adjusted well. The only thing we can do is go and work harder. The offensive weapons we have are able to get open shots, it is just a matter of the shots going down. I think my shots went down a little better than others today. We shoot well under pressure in practice, but they were forcing us to shoot off-balance shots. Sometimes our shot selection wasn’t very good.”

Senior Guard Aquanita Burras
On Texas-Arlington’s pressure defense:
“We just weren’t focused today. We went over the press everyday in practice, but it was just unforced turnovers on our part that hurt us. When two people would come and trap us, we didn’t hold our composure.”

On Kansas’ first half run:
“The game is going to go back-and-forth like that. We should have just kept it going our way. We let them get the momentum back to their side and we can’t let teams do that. That is one thing we are going to have to work on tomorrow morning at practice.”

Junior Guard Erica Hallman
On the charging foul called at the end of the game:
“It is not what cost us the game. The played called for me to either go off the screen and hit somebody in the corner or take it to the basket. The lane opened up and I took it to the basket. The referee did what he had to do.”

On Kansas’ turnovers:
“I don’t think it was entirely their press that caused the turnovers, but it was a lack of focus on our part. We worked on the press break in practice, but we just didn’t execute when it came to the game.”

Texas-Arlington Quotes

Head Coach Donna Capps
On the second half:
“We usually stay in games with strong rebounding. We were not rebounding or getting any help against Crystal Kemp. We did not change our game plan in the second half – we just refocused. The only thing that we did differently was drop out of our full-court press and just play man-to-man.”

On Crystal Kemp:
“We are a small team and we depend on our speed and quickness. We just could not outsize her in the paint. When we missed backside help and could not take her off the glass – she dominated us. They (Kansas) have quite a few good three-point shooters, so we did not feel like we could just double her.”

On the defense:
“We build our whole program on defensive pressure and intensity. We depend on our quickness and speed. The whole trick is to try to control the opponents runs. I think we did pretty well, especially since they are a Big 12 team.”