Kansas vs. Detroit

Nov. 22, 2005

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Postgame Quotes
Kansas 70, Detroit 68
Nov. 22, 2005

Kansas Quotes

Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson
On Detroit’s last three-point attempt:
“She had a pretty good look at it. The last three possessions we tried to go to a four-player switch and then on that one we were going to try a five-player switch. She got loose and got a good look and certainly we are fortunate she doesn’t knock it down, but a year ago we lose to Texas-Arlington. The same jersey colors and at least this year we find a way to win. We are all about trying to find the positives right now.”

On Detroit’s shooting:
“We said at halftime that we needed to throw the knock-out punch so to speak and we didn’t. The longer we let them play with us the more they feel they can beat us and we have all been on the other side of that. At least we dug down. With one game preparation there were some weave things that we had not defended. We have young kids that are seeing things for the first time and there is only so much you can get to in a shoot around. Give them a tremendous amount of credit, they came in and hit some big shots. Jaskot had a career night, she had too many uncontested 3’s. Our lack of communication led to too many uncontested three-pointers. We come back, make some free-throws. It was a five point game with three minutes to go and we took it one possession at a time. We find a way to win and that is an improvement from a year ago.

On KU’s seniors:
“We felt as if we didn’t get Crystal enough touches in the second half. We settled for jumpers at times. It either went into Crystal for a pretty good look or we settled for jumpers and they were getting lay-ups. Crystal was solid, she worked to get position, she finished, she rebounded the ball, played one-on-one defense inside. Kaylee was big, she played 40 minutes. We ask her to hit big shots, make free throws and defend on the other end. I think Taylor did a nice job on Pasquinzo. She had two uncontested looks; hit the one off the flare. We were trying to switch everything with all five players there. I thought Taylor defensively was very, very good.

On Ivana Catic:
“She hit some big shots off the penetration. She had a nice little penetrate and kick to Crystal. She has to learn to play with some poise so she doesn’t get herself into foul trouble in the first half, but progress for her is she comes out in the second half and doesn’t pick up a quick foul like she did in the Pittsburgh State game.

Junior Forward Crystal Kemp
On Detroit’s last second shot:
“I think that my heart was still on the floor when the game ended. Fortunately for us we got the win and that’s what is important. (The shot) looked good. I just kind of stood up and closed my eyes and prayed that it didn’t go in and it didn’t.”

On the game being close in the last minutes:
“I am glad that we found the heart to go out and continue to play and not give up. If we would have come out right from the jump maybe that wouldn’t have happened. I think that we buckled down on defense.

On Detroit’s second half shooting:
“They were just getting every shot that they wanted in the world. Three’s, drive penetrations, kicks, everything seemed to be falling for them. I don’t every remember being able to get a defensive rebound because everything seemed to go in.”

On the physicalness of the game:
“Maybe for the guards on the perimeter (it was the most physical game). They were really having to defend and work hard. They were constantly moving the whole 40 minutes. I am glad that the young one’s got a chance to go through this, especially with it almost being a back-to-back game with only one day of preparation. You really have to buckle down and be tough. I am glad that they learned this lesson.”

On the game’s substitutions:
“It was Coach’s (Henrickson’s) decision. She really didn’t want to mess up the momentum as far as who was working together. I credit our strength and conditioning coach for keeping us out there in preseason.”

Freshman Guard Ivana Catic
On Detroit’s last second shot:
“They were looking for the win and I was underneath the basket and I saw that it was off. My only thought was how much time we had for a rebound and we boxed out well.”

On the game being so close:
“It was a good thing that we won but it wasn’t a good thing. We talked about some things at the half and we came out and we didn’t do it. It tells us that no one is going to say `We’re not going to play because we are playing Kansas’. We have to play hard every game regardless of who we play.”

On Detroit’s second half shooting:
“We should have done a better job defensively. As much as they shot well, we could have gotten more penetration. We allowed shots so we definatly have to a better job.”

Detroit Quotes

Detroit Head Coach Mickey Barrett
On the game:
“I think Kansas is a very good ball club. The way we lost to Kansas State, we needed to come in here and with a great performance. I thought our kids fought hard enough and played well enough to win this game. We just didn’t get the offensive boards. They won the battle of the offensive boards and that was really the difference. To their credit, they made their free throws. When you go 15-of-18, you should win the ballgame.”

On Detroit’s three-point shooting:
“We have some pretty good shooters on our team. Sometimes they are on and sometimes they are not. You can’t have a good outside game without having an inside game, so once we establish the inside a little bit better, we will be better from the outside.”