Nov. 24, 2004

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Kansas Post-Game Quotes:

Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson
On the game:
“I am most excited for the kids. It is a reward for a great effort coming out of the locker room in the second half. We went in to halftime down four and we had a goal that at the first media timeout, we wanted to be up three and I think we were up more than that. We had a little bit of a lull where we gave up some uncontested shots, but I thought overall our defensive intensity in the second half was night-and-day better than it was in the first half.”

On Taylor McIntosh:
“What Taylor brings everyday is tremendous effort and energy and you have to respect that. She plays hard every possession. Does she make freshman mistakes? Yes she does, but they are never mistakes of effort. She will give you effort. I am thrilled for her. I thought she did a nice job on the boards. I thought she took a step forward and was more physical and tried to be more aggressive.”

On Aquanita Burras:
“You can never, ever fault Aqua’s effort. She got in the passing lanes and she got deflections. We are trying to get her a little more disciplined because she gambles a little bit more than we would like. I thought in the second half she stopped doing that.”

On Kansas’ play:
“I thought our perimeter did a nice job of switching some screens. We would have like to have switched at a timeout and talked them through how to switch it, but they got it figured out on their own. It’s baby steps, it’s progress, it’s positive. I thought our bench was good and that their energy was good. We would like to get Crystal (Kemp) more touches and give credit to Sacred Heart because they doubled and didn’t give her a lot of room. I thought our shot selection was better. There were some things that we just put in that I thought we ran well. I thought our possessions were run efficiently and effectively.”

Freshman Forward Taylor McIntosh
On her performance:
“After the first few games I thought that I could have done better, so I just started working harder and pushing myself in practice and it paid off today. I just need to get more repetition and everything will get easier for me. I understand now that I will be getting to the free throw line a bit more, so that is something I will need to work on.”

On the game:
Last game the turnovers got us off track. This game we stayed together and we kept up our defensive intensity. We we much more successful on offense. Boxing out was a problem that we had, so we worked a lot on that in practice the last few days.”

Senior Guard Aquanita Burras
On the second half:
“When we came out to the locker room at halftime, we had a talk with ourselves and we told each other that we needed to create more opportunities. When we would create turnovers, that became our offense. We wanted to make sure to get in the passing lane and deny them. We wanted to put more pressure on the ball handler.”

On her performance:
“I knew that I would have to block the last game out. I had to get out of what I had been doing and be more consistent. The early lay-ups helped me out.”

Senior Forward Blair Waltz
On the game:
“It feels good to win. We had a lot better defensive intensity tonight. I thought our boxing out was better. All-around, the offensive and defensive team discipline was better. Coach said that if you don’t shoot, you don’t play. To know that she had that much confidence in me as a shooter, it is a great feeling to have. We are getting better as a team offensively. I think Erica (Hallman) is doing a terrific job of taking the offense on her shoulders and running it to the best of her ability.”

Sacred Heart Head Coach Ed Swanson

On the game:
“I was proud of our kids. I thought we played real hard. I thought we lost the game in the first couple possessions of the second half. I thought we lacked focus for one, which was disappointing to me. We lacked execution on our first four possessions of the second half. In addition, our starting forward got in foul trouble. We had lack of focus in terms of not running a play. Against a team like Kansas, especially on the road, you can’t turn the ball over.”

On playing in Allen Fieldhouse:
“It was great. That is what I told the kids before the game. This was great for me to get to play and coach in here. I said it would be nicer if 10, 15 years from now you could tell somebody that I played here, but I also won. It was nice for myself and the team as well.”