Postgame Quotes

Nov. 25, 2009

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Postgame Quotes

Kansas 89, Oakland 59

November 25, 2009

Kansas Head Coach Bill Self:

On how he thought the game went:

“I thought we played really well. It was a non-emotional, slow-paced game and I’m shocked we were able to score 89 points. We executed really well in the first half. We didn’t shoot the ball unbelievably well but we had some great offensive possessions considering how they guarded ball screens, which was different than anybody else. We only worked on that a day or two so we did some good things. And we had some individuals obviously not play great. I thought Sherron (Collins) was great the first half. He got sick at halftime, but I thought he did great. Cole Aldrich scored four points and Tyshawn (Taylor) scored six points, so you have 19 points from your three best scorers from last year and we still had 89 points. We had some other guys step up for us. I thought Tyrel (Reed) had a really big game. And there was no question the best basketball player on the floor tonight was Marcus Morris.”

On the difference in play in Marcus and Markieff Morris from a year ago:

“Conditioning. Also going through the college level for a year. They didn’t know what they were doing last year. That’s not a reflection on them as people as much as it is they didn’t get involved until after the Canada trip. I thought they had a good year last year, although a lot of people said they were inconsistent, but I thought they had a pretty good year. But this year, you can tell they’re more prepared and both ready to play. They compliment each other very well.”

On Sherron Collins and Cole Aldrich showing leadership:

“I thought Sherron ran our team great last year. Cole has gotten off to a bad start. That’s not being negative, that’s just being factual. He is so much better than what he is playing like right now, but his attitude is great. Sherron got kneed about three weeks ago and he’s still not 100 percent but he’s not gimping around and he has never complained once. You can just see the maturity in certain guys and their leadership has been very good.”

On this week’s quick turnaround for the Tennessee Tech game:

“We’ll practice at 11 tomorrow and then let the guys break to go eat and get full. We’ll need to be ready to go on a quick turnaround. But this is good because Saturdays and Mondays in the Big 12 are quick turnarounds.”

Sophomore Forward Marcus Morris:

On his career night:

I just tried to get into the flow of the game. I guess their coach must have told them to play off of me or something and let me shoot. My shots just fell, and the team was getting me involved.”

On what he and Markieff focused on in the offseason to improve their games:

“I felt like last year we kind of let the team down. Me and Kieff were two X-factors that didn’t really do as much to get us over that hump. I felt like this year, in the summertime, if we changed and became better players and better teammates, then the team would become better. That was the main focus.”

Freshman Guard Xavier Henry:

On what has allowed him to be a contributor right away:

“I just let Coach teach me. I just listen to Coach, and try to follow everything. He knows how I like to play so he just tries to work with me to fit in with the team.”

On whether he is surprised by his early success:

“I didn’t really know what to expect so I’m not really surprised. I just take it as it goes.”

On what has been most difficult so far:

“Probably remembering all the plays. I’m good at picking them up but I just have to keep remembering them. Then just adjusting defensively in the game, different ways to guard guys.”

On the most enjoyable part so far:

“I feel likeI’m getting more comfortable everyday, and I’m starting to learn stuff quicker and quicker. Coach is really helping me a lot.”

Junior Guard Tyrel Reed:

On Cole Aldrich struggling a little bit lately:

“Cole has been through a little stretch here where he hasn’t been playing as well. Give the guys we played against credit, but through a season there are going to be ups and down. I think this is just one of his down points. He’ll jump back for us and be fine for us in the upcoming games.”

On Aldrich’s health:

“I don’t think he’s 100 percent, definitely. I know he has been battling the flu and all that good jazz. He has a good attitude all the time. Most people can’t even tell he’s sick because he has such a good attitude. He’ll get through it.”

Oakland Head Coach Greg Kampe

On the first half:

“We had a freshman make a big mistake. We were controlling the tempo and keeping it slow. We felt that if we could rebound and not give up transition baskets that we could play with them. That was happening and we weren’t even making shots. Then we get a rebound and the freshman flies up the court with the ball and throws it cross court to Larry Wright who shoots it. He misses they come down and dunk and then dunk again and all of a sudden they are up 29-14. All that work we done is gone because we made a mistake. It is a learning experience and that is why you play these games, but that was really hurtful.”

On the margin of error playing at Allen Fieldhouse:

“Your margin for error when you play here is very small. You have to make shots. Derrick Nelson made some shots for us, (Keith) Benson did some nice things for us, but (Johnathan) Jones had a rough night for us.”

On coming into this game expecting to win:

“We came here to win. We think that we have a chance to have a great season. We have a veteran team that has competed and we have some really good players. It also isn’t very often when I’m going to have a 6-11 kid in Keith Benson that is going to be an NBA draft choice. So this is a team that is here to win and we are highly disappointed in the outcome. The good is it is early in the year and we can learn why it happened.”

Oakland Forward Keith Benson

On the run in the first half by Kansas:

“We were trying to prevent that run from the outset of the game because we knew it was coming. We did a nice job of slowing the game down, but we missed some free throws that really hurt us.”

On playing against Kansas center Cole Aldrich:

“I am obviously not known about to the level that he is and I get excited when I get the chance to play against players like him on a big stage so I can show people what I can do.”

On being double-teamed with size:

“No teams that we play have that many big players that they can rotate and keep fresh bodies running in. I was just trying to hit my teammates when they double-team me. When I was younger I would get frustrated by being double-teamed, but I expected it tonight because they saw where most of our points were coming from and I knew they would adjust their defense.”