Postgame Quotes

Nov. 26, 2010

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Postgame Quotes

Kansas 61, North Dakota State 53

BTI Tip-Off Classic – Nov. 26, 2010

Kansas head Coach Bonnie Henrickson

On the recap of the game:

“We needed every possession we could get. Thank goodness we got as many as we did. That means we took care of the ball. It’s good for the young kids. Monica (Engelman) and Carolyn (Davis) getting in foul trouble isn’t what we needed. It was good minutes for the young kids. We have to be able to bounce back. I thought we got frustrated and you could see it in our faces, which isn’t a good thing. When we played Wisconsin we didn’t get down. When we struggled we came back stronger, and we struggled tonight and kind of got into ourselves.”

On the shooting:

“We talked about being able to win games when we’re not playing well and that’s typically on the offensive end because you should never have an off night defensively. I thought we could have been better defensively on the penetration. They got easy looks and clean looks. They didn’t get enough of those obviously. I thought we tried to dig down and a little bit better defensively. We could never just pull away. We would miss some shots and they start to go longs on us.”

On the spurts:

“We got some opportunities in transition. We would go over the top, or we would drive to get to the free throw line and make some free throws. Keena (Mays) had some good looks. When you miss as much as she did around the rim you focus on defense. She was not focused on making a shots, but the best thing about her being a freshman is she has a short memory.”

On Aishah Southerland:

“She had a great night over in Wisconsin. We ran some sets where she would come off of a screen and she would take it to the lane and got fouled. That gave a little boost. She got on the glass and she blocked a shot. That’s a tough match-up for her. She took one charge and was close on another one. I thought when we needed a little lift she provided one for us.”

Junior forward Aishah Sutherland

On Kansas’ lackluster play:

“We didn’t come out there with a lot of energy at all. Shoot around was good, but pregame was not that good. I guess it was because we were in the practice gym, it didn’t feel like we had as much pep as we do in a game.”

On how the team can improve for tomorrow:

“We just have to come in with (more) energy. It is not our bodies. We are physically able to do everything to win. It’s a mental thing. We have to come out ready to go mentally and we’ll be fine.”

On the team’s defensive effort:

“Defensively, we were terrible the whole game. We need to pick it up on that side of the ball. Luckily we were able to get some offense. We played poorly on offense too. Defense needs to be better tomorrow.”

Freshman guard Keena Mays

On Memphis:

“We haven’t really watched them, but I am sure they are a completely different team than the one we played tonight. We have to be better tomorrow.”

On Kansas’ struggles:

“From the beginning we weren’t playing our game. We couldn’t really get out of the slump. The game just seemed like it was going the other team’s way, but we got a win and that is the most important thing.”

On playing without Angel Goodrich:

“Everybody needs to step up with Angel (Goodrich) being out. She is one of our leaders so we have to all step up and pick up the slack.”

On taking 21 shots in the game:

“I was hitting everything during shoot-around, so I went out there thinking I still had the hot hand. But I should have taken the ball in more when I knew I was hitting shots or hit an open teammate.”

North Dakota State Bison head Coach Carolyn DeHoff

On defending KU’s Carolyn Davis and Aishah Sutherland:

“Obviously with their inside play we needed to figure out how to deal with Carolyn Davis and Aishah (Sutherland). We found another way to do that and forced other kids to take shots that aren’t normally accustomed to it at least from the perimeter.”

On the Kansas defense:

“We executed what we wanted to do offensively and we knew they would put pressure on us in the front court, so we needed to make sure we worked on our entries. That’s where our kids need to slow down; where their not rushing their shot because of shot blockers and quickness from the other side.”

On Freshman Keena Mays’ performance:

“That’s the kid that you say, `okay you’re going to have to beat us’, because we know what Carolyn and Aishah can do, so we certainly can’t even let them have their averages.”