Postgame Quotes

Nov. 26, 2011

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Postgame Quotes
Kansas 71, IUPUI 50
November 26, 2011

Kansas head coach Bonnie Henrickson:
Opening statement:
“I thought we did enough to get the win. Turnovers are obviously still driving me nuts. I thought (IUPUI guard Del’Niqua) Bellamy had great energy and bounce, and I thought they came in here and competed. Give them credit. They competed to put themselves in a position to win. They hung around until we finally stopped them from going to the rim so much. We got some and-ones with Angel (Goodrich) and Carolyn (Davis) to get the separation that was eventually too much for them to overcome in the amount of time left. We were just really flat, which was sad for as good as we were last night. Our goal today was to be as good as we were last night. Tomorrow, we better go back to trying to be like we were yesterday because today wasn’t very good.”

On why she thought the team played flat:
“I don’t know. We just didn’t have bounce to begin with. We did a walk-through shoot-around, but it was good. They had good bounce in the practice gym and good energy this morning. I have no idea (what happened), but they better figure it out because last year, Fordham had to miss a free throw for us to even get into overtime. It’s most of these teams’ biggest game of the year and you have to recognize that the bulls eye gets really big because of what’s on the front of your jersey. They don’t really care who you are individually, it matters what’s on the front of your jersey and what league you play in. We certainly have to step up and be who I know we’re capable of being because we were that team yesterday.”

On where the team would be without Goodrich:
“We’d be in trouble. We would have been in big trouble today without her. We would have been in big trouble quite a few nights if it weren’t for her. She’s our motor and our glue. Her pace and tempo (are great). Defensively, she gets stops. They tried to back-door us a little bit, but she was solid and did not let it go. She knocks balls down; her deflection numbers are huge. We have to get players to play at her pace.”

On out-rebounding IUPUI:
“It was pretty good. Typically you don’t want someone to get more than 25 percent of their missed shots, so we did a great job there. If you look at ours, we got 13 (offensive rebounds), but I don’t know how many we actually converted; only a couple. That’s huge, though. In a game where we couldn’t pull away, had they been rebounding and putting-back, we would have been in trouble. We did a really good job there.”

On Davis’ “quiet” 21 points:
“That’s what good players do. You look at the stats and go, ‘Wow, she had 21?’ Really good players make it look easy and quiet. She struggled with some rhythm. Then she got frustrated and got down, so I told her she was giving them confidence by getting frustrated. I think part of that is we would like for this thing (stress fracture) to get healed so she can practice. For her to have 21 and she doesn’t feel very good, I’m excited for her to feel really good.”

Junior forward Carolyn Davis
On how her foot injury has limited her meshing with the team in the early season:
“It’s kind of frustrating because I’m not able to get up and down with the team. Angel (Goodrich) and I were talking about it today; it kind of feels out of sync. You get used to each other when you’re passing to each other every day and know where to pass the ball. We’ve been playing together for three years but it just gets us a little out of whack with me not being able to practice every day. From the cardio standpoint I’m fine. I think it’s just getting into the flow of the game is what is frustrating for me.”

On how it helps that she is still able to put up points while she works through her injury:
“It builds my confidence when I do get a score and get back into it. Sometimes I get down on myself with personal things I have to deal with. It’s just about fighting through this injury and my teammates are all there for me. I’m working on getting through it. I have to be this player for my team. I have to score big points sometimes and I’m glad I am getting to do it.”

On what the team needs to do to lower the number of turnovers it commits:
“It’s just that we’re forcing passes. We talk about when we try to get (the ball) into the post. Sometimes the guards get it stuck in their heads that they have to pass it in that time and it’s not there or it’s a bad angle. We just need one more pass and then get the ball in. We’re overanalyzing. We just need to slow down because when we make the right pass it’s there. We get sped up in transition sometimes. It’s just the little things and that’s what these nonconference games are for, so I’m hoping we can get those turnover numbers down.”

Junior guard Angel Goodrich
On what she has done to develop her passing ability:
“To be honest, I’ve always been able to see the court really well. It just came naturally for me. I really look to get my teammates involved.”

On where she thinks the team stands at this point in the season:
“Looking back at the game against Lamar, we played really well together. As a team we had high intensity and we had a good jump. For that to happen, there’s so much potential for us right now. Today, we were a little flat compared to the Lamar game and we can’t let that happen again.”

IUPUI head coach Austin Parkinson
On his team’s play:
“Well, obviously the size of Kansas is pretty tough for us to compete against, but I thought our kids competed hard. I thought they battled defensively. Offensively, the pressure that they put on us made it hard for us to get into our offense. I thought we settled down and competed after about the first five minutes of the game. For our program, I thought it was a nice step in the right direction.”

Junior forward Deairra Goss
On her play:
“I feel like I played well. I played to help my team and not selfish basketball. I feel like we are a good team, and down the road we will be an even better team.”