Kansas-Northeastern Quotes

Nov. 27, 2005

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Kansas Postgame Quotes
Kansas 78, Northeastern 65
November 27, 2005

Head Coach Bonnie Hennrickson
On getting into foul trouble
“I thought Marija (Zinic) gave us some quality minutes in the first half. Jamie (Boyd) was solid. Much better in the second half than the first half. We still have to adjust to the officiating and keep our hands off. Credit to Northeastern, I thought they were aggressive and got to the free throw line. We had a lack of aggressiveness and failed to get to the free throw line. I am disappointed that we got ourselves into a similar situation as we did the other night against Detroit, but we still found a way to win and hit some free throws down the stretch. At least we stayed aggressive and then got some shots to fall at the end.”

On Freshman Guard Ivana Catic
“She hit back-to-back buckets, a three and then a pull-up jumper. She has tremendous poise for a young kid and her teammates have confidence in her. They want her to shoot it and they think that she’ll make it. She makes mistakes, but for a young kid she brings more to the table than we expected from her at this point.”

On Senior Guard Erica Hallman
“She stayed aggressive. Conditioning looks like an issue right now and that is part of the problem she got herself into. She played through it and we were on her about getting her legs into her shot.”

On KU’s rebounding advantage
“When we got chances to force tough shots, we pursued rebounds well. We aren’t dictating we are reacting on defense right now. We will get better, we know we need to and we will.

Senior Guard Erica Hallman
On seeing her first action this season
“It was good to get back into the groove of things. I did some individual work so I didn’t miss any conditioning. I also got some shots up but my shot was a little broke today. I just have to be better on and off the court from now on. I’m back now.”

Sophomore forward Jamie Boyd
On the game
“You never know what’s going to happen so you have to come ready to play each and every night. After getting my first two shots blocked I thought `Oh goodness’ but I think I calmed down and found a little rhythm. You just learn from the blocked shots and not dwell on it.”

Freshman guard Ivana Catic
On the game
“We didn’t do everything that we were supposed to do. We repeated some mistakes from last game. Bonnie told us how we were supposed to learn how to win. They are wins but we don’t want to lose and then learn how to win. We just have to learn from each mistakes. We would start to play and then boom, there’s a foul. You just can’t get into a rhythm but we should have adjusted to that. They shot 29 free throws and we only shot 14 free throws. We have to adjust to that and penetrate more.”

On the backcourts play
“Without Crystal, it was obvious that guards had to step-up. Crystal came back in the 2nd half and she had a great game. She scored 15 points and eight rebounds in 18 minutes. I think that is really impressive.”

On halftime adjustments
“The coaches do a good job of giving us directions but we did not follow them as we should have. We try to follow them but we still need to do a better job.”

Northeastern Head Coach Willette White
On the game
“Obviously, to come in here and play in front of 2,000 people and against a Big 12 team, we have to take a lot of confidence away from this. We had our opportunities and we had good looks, we just didn’t hit them. The fact that we got them though, was huge for us. We had some defensive breakdowns, especially down the stretch. It was nice to bring one of our kids home (Maralene Zwarich, Merriam, Kan.) and for her to have a good showing also.”

On Marlene Zwarich’s return
“She definitely felt the excitement. This is her second game back from her ACL injury last March, so she is trying to work into it. She has practiced quite a bit with us, but we played her more at the four spot and she hasn’t practiced at the four, so that was a bit of an adjustment for her. She did a good job.”