Nov. 27, 2007

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November 27, 2007

Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson

On tonight’s quick start:

“I thought our defensive intensity was good. We shared the ball well and got high-percentage shots. We had some great efforts on second-chance plays. Defensively, we tried to make people play faster. I thought we had some success there and played the passing lanes well. They have a good four-out, one-in motion offense. They have a lot of offensive weapons and they are coming into this game after playing two games where they made 10 threes. They are a good team. They are a much improved team that is going to win a lot of games and we are going to cheer for them to win a lot of games and they will because they have good balance and good depth and they are talented. I thought our kids came out on a mission after a tough loss, and disappointed how we played down there. We just beat ourselves last game.”

On playing better defense:

“I thought we did a better job of playing defense without fouling. It wasn’t perfect, but it was better. It was much better and it needed to be better because we can’t let people shoot free throws to beat us and that is what we did over the weekend.”

On freshman Chakeitha Weldon:

“She was very assertive and I love her aggressiveness. I told her I just want to have her run the offense and be able to go in the game in two-possession games. I don’t need you to play one-on-five. I know what she is trying to do and that is youth and excitement. I thought when she came back in the second time she made better decisions. She is explosive. We are working with her on making better decisions off of the dribble. I love her energy and I love her fire.”

Senior forward Taylor McIntosh

On the game:

“I think this is the first game this year that we played more as a team. We had a few let downs in the second half, but I think this is the most complete game that we have played – the most together we have played. Everyone was knocking down shots tonight, which made it even better.”

On preparing for this game:

“I felt we could have won against SMU. Everything looked different when comparing our game on Friday to our game on Saturday. We needed to prepare ourselves to get over that loss and come out here tonight and make a statement and we did.”

On the second half:

“Each game we’ve played this year we have tried to approach each media time out as a game, breaking it down into four minute games. Bonnie (Henrickson) said we have only won the first eight minutes of the second half once before this year. We wanted to keep the tempo up and improve on where we were having difficulty in the first half, and I feel we did pretty well for the most part.”

Sophomore guard Sade Morris

On preparing for the game:

“Bonnie (Henrickson) definitely proved her point in our practices since Sunday. She got on us for every little thing that we were doing wrong, and that is what we needed because it is the little things that make the difference. It’s the little things that got us beat in the last game; we weren’t boxing out and we weren’t playing defense. We knew coming in tonight that we needed to improve on the little things and we would get a win. And that’s exactly what happened.”

On the second half:

“We can’t continue to comitt the same mistakes over and over because that proves that we are not getting better. We know we’ve gotten better. We had to go out tonight and prove to everyone and most importantly, prove to ourselves that we’ve gotten better. We came out like we should come out every second half. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, which it was, because we have been known to let up in the past. Hopefully, now people will expect this kind of play from us in the second half.”

Creighton Head Coach Jim Flanery

On the game:

“It started out bad and it got worse. I think that is pretty accurate. Kansas played really well. I thought Bonnie (Henrickson) had her team ready to go. They hit a lot of their early shots and the ones they missed, they seemed to get offensive rebounds. We just could not stop them at all in the first 15 minutes of the game. We made a lot of bad decisions early on the offensive end. We like to press, but we had to sell out even more to try and create some pace to the game to get back in it, but it kept getting worse. They caused us a lot of problems defensively. They are a good dribble, jump-shooting team and they are hard to stay in front of on the dribble. I just did not think that we paid enough attention to the details that would have helped us out in those areas.”

On Danielle McCray and Sade Morris:

“They both shoot it really well off the dribble. McCray is bigger and stronger than our kids. We did not communicate on screens, so we had girls that were not assigned to guard her, were on her. Once a team starts to shoot the ball well, they continue to shoot the ball well. They are very good mid-range players and McCray is a good three-point shooters. I really like their wing players. I think they are going to be a handful for Big 12 teams.”

On pressing the Jayhawks:

“We normally press. At times, it was effective, but it also wore us down. It is a little deflating when you do give up easy baskets, but it becomes even more deflating when you are down as far as we were.”