Postgame Quotes: KU 82, FAU 63

Nov. 27, 2011

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Postgame Quotes
Kansas 82, Florida Atlantic 63
November 27, 2011

Kansas Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson
Opening Statement:
“I’m excited to win three in a row. On Friday, I thought we played well the entire game, and we played well in small spurts Saturday and today. I am really excited for (how well) Angel (Goodrich) played. I’m excited from where she is at from a confidence, aggressiveness and leadership standpoint. From an offensive rebounding standpoint, that is as good as Aishah (Sutherland) has played, and it is exactly what we need from her. I thought we got some good production from our bench, and obviously we have to get better in some areas – that is what November is for. We’ll take tomorrow off, practice on Tuesday and Wednesday and get ready for a good SMU team on Thursday. All in all, there were a lot of really good things, and a lot of things we can get better at.”

On Angel Goodrich:
“She is more confident and more aggressive. The two of us met last spring and talked about her taking control of the team. I told her that she needed to embrace everything that came along with (taking control) from a communication and leadership standpoint. She needed to be more confident calling plays early in the game, and that’s what she wanted to do and needed to be. She is playing at a really high level right now, and that’s contagious.”

On the team’s turnovers:
“They became a concern to me a month ago. We average 22 per game, and they’re sloppy and careless, we aren’t working hard enough to get the right passing angle. If you look at our turnovers in transition, most of them are at or below the free throw line. You shouldn’t be trying to figure out what you need to do with the ball when you’re at or below the free throw line, you should already know.”

On the team’s response to her timeout in the first half:
“I was probably more pleased with how we came out in the second half. (Florida Atlantic) wasn’t setting any screens, and we were just caught staring at the ball – we were late in our reactions. I thought in the second half, we really initiated everything well, so I was happy with that.”

Junior forward Carolyn Davis
On play of Angel Goodrich:
“I think she’s feeling a lot more comfortable taking it to the basket and just taking shots when she’s open. The last couple years, she wouldn’t be as confident taking those shots. That’s what we need from her. We need more scorers. It can’t just be on me and Monica (Engelman) or whoever else. We have to have it all-around. I think she’s really picked up that load for us as well as being the leader on the court.”

On Monica Engelman:
“She understands she has to be a role player for us. She’s going to get there. This is the beginning of the season everyone is working through a lot of kinks. She knows the player she has to be for us, and she’s going to be that.”

On playing three straight days:
“(My foot) is getting a lot better. I’ve been working out a lot on the bike so as far as cardio, I’m good. I’m just doing the necessary treatment to get my foot better, and everyday it’s making improvements.”

On what the team learned during this weekend:
“I felt like we (learned things). There are a lot of things we can see from these games to work on. I think Friday was a really good day for us to look at what we did well. Yesterday, we didn’t play as well, so I think we can learn something from that too. You can always learn something from bad games as well as good games. I think a lot of this weekend was a learning experience for a lot of us. Our freshman got to play a lot, and these are the kinds of games we need to get started for the rest of our season.”

Junior guard Angel Goodrich
On looking to score more:
“Just attacking as far as driving. I could get into the lane last year, but I always dished it off. Now people are starting to play it, so being able to score more and draw them closer in actually opens (my teammates) up more.”

On play of Aishah Sutherland:
“She did really well when she goes to the boards. We need her to go to the boards. When she does, she can get the ball. She rebounds the ball well. Everyone has seen where she just grabs it and pulls it in and it’s just like ‘wow.’ It’s amazing. When she goes, she can get it. If we can get her to go every single time, that would be really good for us.”

On Carolyn Davis playing all three games:
“She’s feeling a lot better as far as getting on the court and playing with us. As far as practice, she gets so frustrated because she can’t be out there. I can see she gets frustrated and she even tells me that she gets frustrated. There are just things you have to do for things to heal. When you get better, then you’ll be on the court and practicing with us. That’s where you continue to grow and help.”

Senior forward Aishah Sutherland
On game against FAU:
“It was a pretty solid game from the rebounding standpoint, and my points and steals.”

On entire weekend:
“It’s just us working together and having Angel being able to see us like she does on the floor. We’re showing people how good we are and how good we can be.”

On play of Angel Goodrich:
“She can score. If they aren’t going to guard her, and nobody else gets open for her, she’s able to score and take it herself. They have to worry about guarding us and guarding her.”

FAU head coach Chancellor Dugan
Opening Statement:
“Kansas played really well today, and we just couldn’t compete with their height. That really bothered us, obviously. In the first half, the 15 turnovers are what really put us in a hole.”

On Angel Goodrich:
“She’s really quick. In the second half we tried to run a little bit of a weave because we wanted to get her out of the middle because they were switching (on screens). We tried to pick on 42 (Natalie Knight) and 24 (CeCe Harper) out there, but she’s quick and a good guard.”

FAU senior guard Teri Stamps
On the team’s performance:
“I thought we fought until the very end today. We never gave up, but now we just have to put two halves together.”