Teammate Trivia: Jessica Bush

Nov. 28, 2006

Sophomore Jessica Bush has been one of the most prolific scorers in the Big 12 the past two seasons. In 2006, she scored eight goals, including seven against conference opponents to earn All-Big 12 Second Team honors. But who really knows the KU midfielder better, her dad, Steve Bush or her roommate, Sara Rogers? Find out below.

Teammate Trivia
Jessica Bush Sara Rogers Steve Bush
Item you can’t travel withouth: My pillow Pillow (5) Cell Phone (0)

Favorite Holiday:
Christmas Christmas (5) Christmas (5)

Least favorite chore:
Laundry Take out the Trash (0) Laundry (5)
Proudest Soccer Accomplishment: Beating Mizzou 4-0, or going to state in high school. the Mizzou game (5) Beating Mizzou 4-0 (5)
Favorite kind of ice cream: Cookie Dough Cookies n Cream (0) Cookie Dough (5)

How do you relax after a game?
Go out to eat with my family Take a nap or eat (5) Sleep (0)

If we walked into your room, what would we notice first?
My bed or clothes on the floor her HUGE bed (5) Clothes on the floor (5)

Who is your favorte opponent to play against?
Texas Missouri (0) Nebraska (0)

Total Score
25 25