Postgame Quotes

Nov. 28, 2010

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Postgame Quotes

Kansas 81, Fordham 68 (OT)

November 28, 2010

Kansas Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson

On the game overall:

“Credit to Fordham; they got us on the glass. We’ve been a great rebounding team. We didn’t match their intensity and toughness on the glass. Give them all the credit for watching all of the film and preparing for us. When we threw a punch and got up 16 (points), they just kept battling back. We got softer as they got tougher and we just never found rhythm. We scored 22 points in overtime and 26 in the second half. The toughness and tenacity we showed in overtime was similar to (when we played) Wisconsin. Keena (Mays) was confused. She just thought we needed to foul. This is a something where you can create situations like that in practice, but you can’t create how that feels. No one feels worse than she does. No one in that locker room will let that happen again.”

On the post players’ play:

“I didn’t think our bigs were very consistent. Aishah (Sutherland) finally woke up in overtime. Carolyn (Davis) struggled with how physical it (the game) was. She’s got to take some ownership of that, finish and be tough. That is how it’s going to be for her all year with the bigger and longer players. We made mistakes, and didn’t run offenses right.”

On Kansas’s defense:

“Fordham played five out, play your guy one-on-one, and kick. We didn’t take some pride in, ‘I have to guard my guy one-on-one. Then if I get beat I need to have someone help me from the weak side.’ We did own that. Their game plan was just play basketball, and we didn’t play basketball. The more we couldn’t score, the more we couldn’t guard.”

On Fordham’s comeback:

“They hits threes, got offensive rebounds, (while) we couldn’t contain the drive and they just kept coming at us. We didn’t guard or communicate on switches. We were sloppy offensively. We turned it over a bunch in the lane in traffic, and took some bad shots in there.”

Junior forward Aishah Sutherland

On winning the tournament’s Most Valuable Player award:

“I didn’t expect to win it. I was just focused on staying consistent. If you stay consistent you get rewarded, and that’s what I did. I get rewarded for trying to be good for this team so we can win.”

On playing well in overtime:

“I looked at it as a a whole new game. I didn’t score much and I wasn’t quite consistent in regulation. I looked at it as a reason for me to come out and do what I needed to do.”

On Keena Mays’ foul with five seconds left and the game tied:

“I was happy that the girl missed her free throw and we were able to go into overtime. It’s a freshman mistake. I made freshman mistakes when I was a freshman, but you have to learn from it and not do it again.”

Freshman guard Keena Mays

On committing a foul with five seconds left and the game tied:

“Everything was overwhelming, the whole game. Obviously it was emotional for us. All I could remember was to foul and I didn’t realize what was going on at the time. It’s a mistake. I’m glad we came out with the win and I have to learn from it.”

On when she realized she made a mistake:

“After I did it I realized what I had done. I didn’t even need to look at the bench. I was in foul trouble so I shouldn’t have fouled in the first place and in the situation I shouldn’t have fouled. I just have to learn from it.”

On how she felt after the team pulled out the overtime win:

“I was very relieved. We’re a good overtime team. We proved that in Wisconsin. I had faith in my team. I was kind of down because of what I did, but I knew we would come through.”

On how her team’s reaction after the foul:

“They were there for me when I came to the bench. They kept telling me to keep my head up and that the game wasn’t over. I took what they had to say and tried to keep it together.”

Fordham Head Coach Cathy Andruzzi

On her thoughts before the overtime:

“Before the overtime I thought we could win the game, I really felt we could win this game. We got to the line and we missed those critical shots.”

On the team’s performance overall throughout the tournament:

“We lost three games and we played a great game, I thought, against Memphis. We go into overtime against Kansas, who is a really good team and who is very well coached. I think we learned a lot and that is the most important thing. As long as we learned and we can move forward then I think that is the most important thing.”

On regrouping and what the team needs to improve on:

“We just have to keep working hard. That was a very good team we played. We have to keep working hard and when we get down the stretch, we have to make things happen.”