Nov. 30, 2004

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Post-Game Quotes

Kansas Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson
On the game:
“We made the extra passes tonight to give us uncontested shots. We made the uncontested shots, also. We have been unselfish in all of our games, it’s not like tonight was the first time we looked for the extra pass. We have good shooters on our team and we have struggled shooting the ball, but it requires focus and concentration, which we had tonight. I thought we went inside early which opened up some kick-out passes. I think we are a much better team offensively when we have a feel for screens which leads to open shots. Overall, I think our defensive execution was very good. I thought we created offense from our defense and we had opportunities in transition. The most disappointing thing was how many layups we gave up. We have got to pull the weakside over and take a charge instead of giving up the layup.”

On Erica Hallman:
“I think she is making good decisions in the half-court offense, whether that is to drop a pass or take a shot. I thought her shot selection tonight was very good. She didn’t force anything. She has forever been unselfish. She is being more disciplined with her passing and she can create, but sometimes it is her decision not to go for the knock-out blow, that works the best.”

On the upcoming games:
“Most people don’t realize how good Washburn is. They have excellent guard play and we understand that. Our players have to commit, be focused and ready to play. We have to have discipline and maturity in these games. The upperclassmen have to set the tempo.”
Junior Forward Crystal Kemp
On the game:
“When we run the offense, good things happen. There were a few times that we got good shots at the end (of the shot clock). I thought I was going to get more offensive rebounds, but most of the shots from the outside went in.”

On playing Washburn:
“A couple of people have already called me from home, asking me if I am ready. I am not taking it as an easier game or a harder game, it is just another game that we are going to have to work hard to win.”

Junior Guard Erica Hallman
On her performance:
“I tried to go out and shoot like I do everyday in practice and the shots were falling. The last few games I have been struggling, but it is good to get back in a rhythm.”

On Kansas’ shooting:
“We didn’t do anything different. After the last few games, I think we were due. People got open looks and were able to knock them down, which is a good thing. We do have good shooters, it is just a matter of concentrating, focusing and hitting open shots when you get them. The coaches did a really good job of scouting and they knew that this team was going to play a zone defense, so that is what we worked on.”

Denver Head Coach Pam Tanner
On the game:
“I don’t think we came in ready to play. I think we played scared in the first 20 minutes and I think Kansas did a good job of taking advantage of our lack of aggressiveness. I think we had them scouted well and had a good game plan, but we didn’t execute the game plan and they did. Age was a factor. We played five freshmen 20 minutes or more.”

On playing Kansas:
“We gained valuable experience in this game. With five younger kids who have not had much experience, this gives us valuable experience. They are a similar team to what we will face in the Sun Belt Conference. This was a great experience for our upcoming games.”

Freshman Forward Jenna Cole
On the game:
“We did not have a very good first half. We came out slow, but picked it up in the second half. Things just didn’t go our way. They (Kansas) were shooting well, and our shots just weren’t falling.”

On playing Kansas:
“It makes us better. They are the best team we have played yet. It is tough to come back against a team like this.”

Senior Center Sarah Cyran
On the game:
“Kansas is a good team and they have good pressure, but we just fell apart. We weren’t communicating or talking to each other and playing as a team.”