Postgame Quotes: KU 75, SMU 52

Dec. 1, 2011

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Postgame Quotes
Kansas 75, SMU 52
December 1, 2011

Kansas head coach Bonnie Henrickson
Opening Statement:
“I thought coming out of the locker room in the second half, our pace and tempo was good and we got some separation at about the 14-minute mark. I know we’re going to talk about turnovers and we’re disappointed, (the team is) disappointed and I’m disappointed. We have to clean it up in a hurry because we’re going over to Alabama who is going to press and trap in every way known to man from the defensive side to try to turn the ball over. We get lackadaisical. We always hope our passes will get there and we can’t throw those balls. SMU really jumped on us in the second half on a rebounding outlet and we didn’t slow down that outlet, let the traffic go and then go down the floor; we wanted to go in the middle of all that and turned it over and allowed them to get an extra possession. We’ll work on that and be more focused.”

On the game being physical:
“It was physical and it got chippy but that’s a great lesson for us to learn. It’s always the retaliation part of it and then (we have to have) the poise and composure. I told the team that every one of them has the right, with respect, to say something to an official if they are getting a cheap shot after a score. I had said something prior to that that I thought something was going on and it’s a great lesson. Carolyn (Davis) got a little bit of that last year. People started pushing and shoving her and I could see it, but it’s a great lesson for us to learn and the officials always see the second one; they don’t see the first one.”

On keeping Carolyn Davis on the bench in the second half:
“That was only because we grew the lead and kept the lead and I was hoping to keep that lead until about the 12-minute mark – not that I don’t trust Carolyn – had they cut into the lead I would have put her in sooner, but at about the 12:14 mark it felt like the right time to put her back in.”

Junior forward Carolyn Davis
On the physical nature of the game against SMU:
“It was a really physical game, and we knew they would be physical from playing them last year. They are a physical team and I think we got a little too emotional. I think we have to keep a hold of our composure when it gets physical like that and only throw punches by scoring baskets.”

On getting a technical foul:
“We were tussling for a rebound and there was a double foul with the technical violation right after. And Coach (Bonnie Henrickson) always says that they see the second one. I have to watch out for that. I know that teams are going to go after me and I should be prepared for that. I got a little out of character and I won’t be doing that again.”

On the Jayhawks’ performance when Davis was out of the game:
“They did great. There had been a lot of times this year when I couldn’t be out there because of my injury. I think our bench play is awesome and that is what is going to help us win a lot of games. Whenever our starters aren’t in, we have to be able to maintain and even push leads, and I think they did a great job of that. “

Senior forward Aishah Sutherland
On Kansas outscoring SMU 50 to 22 in the paint:
“Defenses are going to focus on the paint because it is a higher percentage shot, and when they do, it opens up the perimeter. When we shoot well from the perimeter it opens up the paint. Tonight, we did a good job shooting from the perimeter and it opened up the paint.”

On her ability to make the mid-range jump-shots:
“The middle is usually the most open spot on the court; that gap where I shoot it is usually pretty open. When they crowd the middle of the floor it will get other people open. From that spot I can see the whole floor and pass it to whoever is open.”

Junior guard Angel Goodrich
On playing a physical game against SMU:
“We need to stay together as a team. We need to stay composed and poised and just pick it up on the defensive end. We can’t let them get to us; we need to play our game and continue to do what we need to do.”

On playing when Davis is in foul trouble:
“I think we get more offensive-minded because if she is not in there then someone will have to step up. I think Aisha (Sutherland) has gotten a lot better at that. She has continued to go to the boards and attack. She has continued to build on her game and she has worked on that. “

On upcoming opponent Alabama:
“Alabama is a tough team and they are aggressive. They pressure the ball. They are really quick and they are athletic, so we need to limit our turnovers and take care of the ball and do what we need to do to win. I need to take care of the ball more and get my teammates in position to do what we need to do to win.”

SMU head coach Rhonda Rompola
Opening statement:
“I could start by (talking about Carolyn) Davis and (Aishah) Sutherland. I’m sure a lot of coaches have sat up here and tried to figure out ways to defend them. Unfortunately, we didn’t really execute our defensive game plan like our kids were supposed to. I think Kansas has two of the best post players around. I know Davis is still trying to get back to where she’s 100 percent. They said she’s not practicing a lot and we have a player (Christine Elliot) that doesn’t practice a whole lot because of a knee situation. It’s very difficult to keep your timing. I don’t think Davis has had any trouble with her timing. That’s a heck of a basketball team. They pressured us tonight and took us out of our game plan. We struggled getting into our offense and with entry passes. In the first half we withstood their runs and made a couple of runs ourselves. In the middle of the second half, when it was a 12 or 13 point ball game, we missed a couple of layups in transition and turned them into transition points and opened the gap. They had the momentum. When a team scores 50 points in the paint, that’s really a telling stat. That’s a huge difference in the game.”