Dec. 2, 2004

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Post-Game Quotes

Kansas Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson
On the game:
“We have to give a tremendous amount of credit to Washburn. They came in and even though they struggled so much offensively in the first half, they made shots in the second half. (Jennifer) Harris came out in the second half, after sitting out the first half and was a big difference maker. This is certainly a game that we will beat ourselves up about for quite some time. I didn’t think we played any better defensively in the first half than we did in the second half, Washburn just started making shots. We could not stop them.”

On the second half:
“We didn’t score on our end and shot poorly in the second half. We didn’t get any offensive rebounds. We needed to be more aggressive getting to the rim. We were aggressive in trying to get to the free throw line. We got to the free throw line, but we just couldn’t make the shots. If we would have played the entire second half like we did at the end, we wouldn’t have been in the close situation to begin with. We didn’t adjust to what they were doing offensively. We gave up too many open shots to Harris.

On Kansas’ foul trouble:
“As a team, we just have to learn to adjust. Both teams have to adjust to the officiating. If we are getting called for fouls, we have to adjust and stop doing what it is that we keep getting called for. We didn’t make the changes we needed to during the game.”

On the upcoming game:
“You have to take responsibility and hold yourself accountable for your mistakes and come ready to practice. We will watch the game on film and see our mistakes and learn from them.”

Junior Forward Crystal Kemp
On the game:
“We had great momentum in the first half, but in the second half our momentum stopped with a couple of whistles. It was hard for us to get our offense going and we had a couple of breakdowns defensively. It was tough for us to get back in the flow.”

Junior Guard Erica Hallman
On the game:
“I don’t think we executed well at the free throw line tonight. You have to give Washburn credit, they came out and played hard. In the second half, we came out flat and kind of got complacent with the lead. We didn’t execute on the offensive end. We really struggled defensively. We are going to get better.”

On playing Minnesota:
“We have to put tonight’s game behind us and get ready to practice tomorrow. We don’t have anything to lose going on the road. We are going to go out and play hard and hopefully we can come back with a win.”

Senior Guard Aquanita Burras
On the second half:
“We just weren’t focused in the second half. We got into foul trouble and they came back and fought hard in the second half. The shots that they were missing in the first half, they came back and made them in the second. We just didn’t adjust. If we play focused everything will be alright. We went out and tried to maintain our lead and play aggressive, but it just wasn’t going our way.”

On Washburn’s Jennifer Harris:
“Everything she threw up, went in. The coaches were telling me to get up on her, but I still had to respect her ability to drive, so there was not much that I could do.”

On playing Minnesota:
“We are going to play our best. We will take all our aggression out in Sunday’s game.”

Washburn Head Coach Ron McHenry
On halftime adjustments:
“I was disappointed with not only our bad play, but our reaction to the bad play in the first half. Our changes weren’t X’s and O’s, but it was more of a character check. In the first half, we didn’t do things that good basketball teams do. We have a respectful program and we try to carry ourselves in that way, and that is what I told them (at halftime). It was all about character checks, and they did that.”

On performance:
“One of the hard things was that we haven’t played very many tough games early. We knew we may run into a buzzsaw here. This is probably the best team we will play all year, in terms of talent. Obviously to get that far down, in a new environment on the road is tough. We didn’t play very well and things didn’t go our way in the first half, so in the second half, we had to make every possession count. That was the first time we have really been challenged.”

On Jennifer Harris:
“Jennifer is a good player, she can be a great player. She was struggling in the first half, and wasn’t playing the type of basketball that we wanted her to play. She responded and played better in the second half. That is what she is, an offensive player.”

On experience gained:
“This experience can never hurt you. We have not had to finish a game like this, this year. This year, we haven’t had to come back. Playing here, on the road, provides valuable experience. However, we are going to have to face this, night in and night out.”

Junior Guard April Roadhouse
On the game:
“Obviously the first half was not what we wanted. Kansas came out and showed us what Division I is all about. Kansas is a really big and physical team. Coach told us it is not just about playing, but about teamwork and respect. We picked it up though and had a good finish.”

On the win:
“It says a lot about our program. It proves Washburn is nobody to joke around with. We are ready to come and play whoever it is. We stepped up to the challenge. We can enjoy the win tonight, but we have another game on Saturday.”

Junior Guard Jennifer Harris
On the game:
“We started out a little slow, a little rough. At halftime, Coach gave a good speech and got us focused and got our heads into the game. Coach yelled a lot at halftime, and it scared me a little.”

On her performance:
“I was upset in the first half. I felt like I let my team down. I felt like I needed to step it up a little bit. I was second guessing my shots in the first half. Then I came out in the second half and just started shooting.”