Kansas-Kent State Postgame Quotes

Dec. 1, 2008

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Kansas 87, Kent State 60

December 1, 2008

Kansas Head Coach Bill Self
On Kent State’s physical play:
“That is what all the teams that have played so far have said, how physical they are. They are good; this is the best game that we have played this year.”

On the team’s overall performance:

“It was a great game for us, because it was a no rhythm game. We also played without Sherron (Collins) for most of the first half. I was pleased. If we had made our layups, that was probably the best first half we have played all year. The second half was a foul fest, but fortunately for us, we stepped up to the free throw line and knocked them down. It was not a perfect game by any means and I wish that we had more rhythm offensively. I was pretty pleased. I thought that we played well.”

On the play of Sherron Collins:

“Sherron did take over the game the second half, there is no question. He played really good down the stretch. He did a really good job in the paint and made a couple of terrific plays.”

On New Mexico State:

“They are talented, really talented. When we put this schedule together, people always look at Tennessee, Arizona, and Michigan State, but the hard games are Kent, New Mexico State, and Siena. We have a good schedule.”

On the style of game played:

“This was a good game for us. We need to win a grind it out game, a game with no rhythm. Because when you get to tournament play and conference play, especially on the road, you want it to be a muddy game. Unless you have far superior talent, you want it to be a game where time of possession is important.”

Freshman Forward Marcus Morris

On his performance:

“I’m never satisfied. I think I can do more and can contribute more. I think I had an okay game. I think I could have gotten more rebounds and made more shots. I think I can play a lot better.”

On the team’s free throw performance:
“Coach Self came into the locker room and told us that we shot 32 of 36 and I missed the four free throws, so I felt kind of bad missing those when everyone else made theirs. I know I need to get into the gym and shoot some more.”

On the team’s performance:

“I think this is great for us in the long run. I came in here and had (the opportunity) to play right away, so I think the experience is great. Next year when we get in here, we’ll all be used to it and we’ll have a year experience. We’ll have more experience as a team and being together.”

Junior Guard Sherron Collins:

On playing a physical game:

“That’s what we have to get used to. We’ve got to do a better job and we’ve got to get tougher. We have to be looking for games like that and we have to be aggressive instead of reacting to somebody being more aggressive.”

On the speed of the game:

“We like to run and do things to speed the game up. That’s why we have to do a good job of executing. We have to get a good shot every time. It’s hard to get in a rhythm like that, but in a post season game that’s how it is, so it’s just helping us later on in the season.”

On Markieff Morris not playing after the flagrant foul:

“In a game like that, it’s good to show toughness and he wasn’t backing down, but you’ve got to be a little smarter than that. When somebody hits you or something, you just have to take it and roll with it. Obviously, next time he’ll do a good job of that.”

Freshman Forward Marcus Morris

On playing a physical game:

“I got scratched. They were playing very physical, and I think we were playing physical, too. Some things happened and we grinded it out, so it was a great game.”

Freshman guard Tyshawn Taylor

On playing a physical game:

“I think games like that can help us in the long run. When it comes down to the tournament and conference teams, I think that’s going to help us because a lot of games are going to be like that.”

On Kent State’s Al Fisher:

“Coach said he was a really good player. I watched tape on him, and I knew he was going to come out and look to score. I got into him really early and took him out of his groove. I feel like I did a good job, and my coaches told me I did a really good job. He can score a lot, and I feel like I did a good job holding him back.”

On whether he can be tough defensively:

“Yeah, I think so. [Coach Self] wants to rest Sherron, so he’s going to put me on the best guard to save Sherron for the offensive end. Whatever I have to do to make the team better, I’ll do it.”

On having defensive energy early in the first half:

“I just felt really good today. I can’t speak for my teammates, but [Coach Self] has been getting on us about our toughness. We knew they were going to come in and be physical with us, so we were prepared for it.”

On the team’s performance:

“I think this is the best game we’ve played all year so far. I think we played a lot tougher.”

Kent State Head Coach Geno Ford
On the Kent State turnovers:
“We came out and threw the ball away 14 times in the first half. That was caused by a couple of things: Kansas played really hard and they defended well and they did a good job of denying Al (Fischer) the ball. I think that Al was a little bit leg-weary after playing back-to-back games, but the reality is you have to tee it up when it’s time. I thought they really guarded him well. They guarded him better than Illinois or Texas A&M did and I have to give them credit for that.”

On Kansas:
“Kansas poses major problems for a lot of teams. They have a center in Cole Aldrich that might be the best center in the country. Then they have a guard in (Sherron) Collins that can break you down off the dribble. That makes it really tough. They have other guys that can play as well, but it comes down to what you want to do. Do you want to sag down and give up the outside which we did a couple times and they hit open shots. Or you can play him (Aldrich), one-on-one and at one point I thought he was going to foul our whole team out in the first half. He buries you close to the rim and you end up fouling him because he pins you so deep.”

On Kansas center Cole Aldrich:
“He is much improved. I saw him in the NCAA Tournament because their draw called for them to play right before we did. He has to be the most improved player in college basketball. A year ago watching him wasn’t that impressive and now I watch him and he is amazing. He certainly is a big time player at this point.”

Kent State Player Quotes

Center Brandon Parks
His thoughts on the game:
“Turnovers really hurt us in the first half. Coming into tonight we only averaged eight turnovers as a team, so that is something we usually don’t do. They played great defense on us and I think we kind of let the environment get to us in the first half. We need to make sure that doesn’t happen again.”

On Kent State guard Al Fisher being held to five points:

“Everybody knew coming into the game that Al Fisher was one of the best players on the floor. They were double and triple teaming him and he told us that. Other people need to step up in that situation because it is going to happen in every game this year.”

On playing at Allen Fieldhouse:

“It was awesome just getting a chance to come play here. We have played three games in four days so we just got here. But it was a cool place to play and I’m glad we got a chance to come here. We have played at North Carolina, Duke and Kansas so I don’t know what else there is. This is probably the best gym I have ever been to.”