Kansas' Turner Gill Speaks At Lawrence Elementary School

Dec. 2, 2010

Coach Gill Talked About His Visit To New York Elementary

LAWRENCE, Kan. – Character, perseverance and attitude were three points of emphasis Kansas head football coach Turner Gill spoke about to students at an all-school Character Counts assembly at New York Elementary in Lawrence Thursday morning.

The school held its monthly assembly and handed out character awards in categories such as fairness, citizenship, caring, etc… Gill was on hand to present the awards and take photos with the winners from each class.

Gill spoke about the definition of character and of doing the right thing even when nobody is watching. He encouraged the kids to make sure their friends do the right thing and that every choice has consequences.

He talked about perseverance and to not give up, find someone to help, listen and pay attention. Gill also talked about how attitude is a choice you make every day. He told the kids that if they have the proper attitude, they can learn and understand.

Afterwards Gill talked about how those characteristics applied to him in his first year at Kansas.

“You always keep going,” he said. “Whether you are a five-year old or a 40-year old you just keep doing the right things no matter what is going on.”

Gill said he went to the school to “talk about giving them hope and how they can continue to do the right things in life and how they can be rewarded as time goes on.”