Mangino Resigns As Kansas Head Football Coach

Dec. 3, 2009

LAWRENCE, Kan. — Mark Mangino has resigned his position as head football coach at the University of Kansas, effective immediately.

“We appreciate the eight years that Mark has given to rebuilding our football program,” Kansas Athletics Director Lew Perkins said. “He and I have reached a mutually satisfactory agreement that reflects the appreciation we have for his efforts on behalf of Kansas Football.

“As you know we have recently completed an internal review of the football program. I have been instructed by legal counsel that we cannot release any documents related to this investigation, nor any details regarding our settlement agreement. The investigation and settlement agreement will remain part of Mark’s personnel records.

“Mark has brought much success to the football program at KU,” Perkins continued. “He can leave with confidence that he has turned the football program around and set it on a path to even greater future success.

“As always, our principal concern remains our student-athletes. Coaches David Beaty, Clint Bowen and Bill Miller will share interim head-coaching duties. I have the utmost confidence in their abilities and dedication.”

Perkins said his focus is now the search for a new head coach. “I know people will float a number of names out there,” he said, “but I will not comment on any potential candidates. I can only tell you I am certain that great things lie ahead for our Kansas football program. There’s a great buzz surrounding Kansas Football; we have great fans and facilities, and we’ve demonstrated a strong commitment to the success of our program.”