Kansas Student-Athletes Visit New York Elementary

Dec. 6, 2005


University of Kansas student-athletes spent time meeting with all of the students from the fourth, fifth and sixth grades at New York Elementary school in Lawrence on Monday, Dec. 5. The student-athletes spent 30 minutes sharing stories from their experiences about working hard and reaching goals in life.

The Kansas student-athletes are part of a class taught by Dr. Phil Lowcock that encourages them to take seriously their opportunities to be role models for young people. Each of the two dozen student-athletes was partnered with 2-4 “little buddies” by the classroom teachers at the school. They then spent 30 minutes getting to know each other and having the KU student-athlete share lessons that they have found to be important as they worked to attain goals in their life.

“The KU student-athletes are in a unique position to encourage and positively influence the youth of Lawrence and the surrounding community, and I encourage them to cherish that opportunity,” Dr. Lowcock offered.

New York Elementary has partnered with Dr. Lowcock’s class to take part in the role model activity over the last five years. The students, both “big” and “little” have a great time meeting and getting to be know each other every semester.