Kansas 81, Northern Colorado 54 Postgame Quotes

Dec. 6, 2009

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Postgame Quotes

Kansas 81, Northern Colorado 54

December 6, 2009

Head coach Bonnie Henrickson

On Northern Colorado’s perseverance:

“I thought Cox (Whitley Cox) was as good as advertised and what we’d seen on film with her ability on one-on-one. I loved us out of the locker room. That’s as good as we’ve been out of the locker room and that’s a great message in how successful we were – that we flew around and guarded like that; it was good just to be able to get out in transition. Angel (Goodrich) made some extra passes and got Aishah (Sutherland) the layup early. That’s when we’re at our best and that requires a lot of work on the defensive end and we’ve got to commit to do that.”

On Kansas’ second half intensity:

“Just to be able to step up and not settle and have the will to be that aggressive every possession; if you have the will to be successful, you’re halfway to success and if you don’t, you’re halfway to failure. You’ve got to play every day and every possession. We’ve got to bring some more intensity. Everybody has to step that up.”

On getting the ball inside:

“I thought, if we could have made a shot in the paint – we must have shot 20 percent in the paint in the first half – then she (Krysten Boogaard) does a better job. We had really bad footwork. Aishah (Sutherland) was disappointed that her shot looked the same – the double-clutch fadeaway – then she drives it on the baseline and scores a layup in the second half. It’s what she needs to do early. When you’ve got that and you’re not making shots, it doesn’t feel good. It’s the definition of insanity: you do the same and expect something different. I’m not saying don’t shoot the ball, I’m saying don’t shoot it like that. That’s what she and I had our little film session about on Friday night. That was my message to her. We might have to do that again.”

On the Big 12:

“I have probably not seen as much as you’d think I had, because of our prep. Nebraska’s numbers are phenomenal. That was a big win for them against Miami, and they’ve got a couple of tough ones coming up at home. The league’s good. This time of year, we’re in a stretch for eliminating mistakes and it’s about building your game individually. It helps us be a better basketball team. I was a little disappointed in the aggressiveness off the bench. They didn’t play poorly, but Monica (Engelman) has got to be more aggressive. I thought Carolyn (Davis) gave us some good minutes. She’s got the size inside. This is the stretch right now with, heading into finals and exams and we play a lot in practice and in scrimmages. I want it to be more competitive and I don’t think it’s as competitive as I’d hoped it would be right now. It’s not the young kids, the returners have to play harder every day in practice and I think that will make a big difference for us.”

Senior Sade Morris

On Kansas’ overall performance:

“We are winning, but we are not playing the way that we want to. We are playing average.”

On why they did not play the way that they wanted to:

“We just did not come ready. You could just tell that we came out flat. We need to just come out and compete, and that is where we are lacking.”

Freshman Carolyn Davis

On getting more playing time:

“I think I played well, there are a couple of things on defense that I have to work on. I have to work on my aggressiveness on offense, also. I felt that I got the minutes because this week in practice I have been showing that I am a good competitor and I have challenged Krysten (Boogaard) and Aishah (Sutherland). I have also been hitting the boards really hard, so it was not unexpected for me to play today.”

On the excitement of seeing more playing time:

“It is hard coming from high school where you play a lot and then coming here and to not play as much, but the adjustment is getting better and I am starting to feel that I will be getting more minutes.”

Freshman Angel Goodrich

On when the sloppy play started:

“I think you could say that the sloppy play started at the Xavier game. I don’t think that we really played great in the other games before that either. After that game it was tough and when we lost, it overwhelmed us.”

On figuring things out in practice:

“This is the time that we need to buckle down and focus. We need to get better each and every day instead of taking days off.”

On her offensive play:

“In practice I have been working on my shot, especially free throws. My free throws have been way off and I am very disappointed in that.”

Northern Colorado head coach Jaime White

On Kansas pulling away in the second half:

“Kansas did a good job in the second half of coming out and being ready. If we hit a couple shots and keep it a 10 to 15 point deficit I think we can make a run. The turnovers just killed us tonight. We had 23. We can’t have Whitley [Cox], Courtney [Stoermer] and Lauren [Oosdyke] combining for most of those. Those turnovers turned directly into points for KU. They ran the fastbreak well and they capitalized off of the turnovers well. We didn’t do so well.”

On Kansas dominating the paint:

“[Krysten] Boogaard did a good job. We didn’t really have anybody that could keep her out of the paint. She was strong to the basket and made some great inside moves. We missed a couple of transition buckets that would have helped us a little bit.”

On the play of Northern Colorado red shirt freshman guard Victoria Timm:

“Victoria Timm came in and gave us a little fire off the bench and she ended up being the leading scoring. That’s something we need and something we’ve been looking for. She came in and played with no fear. She got some rebounds and attacked the basket strong. She got some steals and dove for the ball. She cut to the basket and did all of those things you can’t really account for. She was solid mentally. She was physical. She didn’t let all of the physical play take her out of the game like I think a couple of kids did.”