THROWBACK THURSDAY 12.6.12 Marcellus Jones III (Football) 1999-2002

Dec. 6, 2012

6715295.jpeg?1354822201Marcellus Jones was a wide receiver for the University of Kansas football team from 1999-2002, playing in 27 games in the Crimson and Blue and earning four letters. His senior season, Jones was the third-leading receiver for the Jayhawks, catching 29 passes for 368 yards (30.7 ypg) and scoring four touchdowns.

6715296.jpeg?1354815603He graduated in 2003 with a degree in journalism. During Jones’ sophomore year, in his Western Civilization class, he met the woman he would spend the rest of his life with. Jones got to know former Jayhawk track runner Sherre-Kahn Blackmon through Kansas athletics events and shared academic classes; they became friends. Once they did, the rest was history.

In 2004, Jones and Blackmon tied the knot. The couple now has a one-year-old daughter, Maison, and is expecting another baby girl in February. Jones is a pharmaceutical sales representative that travels throughout the state of Kansas and around the country. Now residents of nearby Eudora, the Joneses continue to support all Jayhawks athletics, rarely missing a home KU football or women’s basketball game.

6715303.jpeg?1354815375Why did you decided to become a Jayhawk?
“Primarily, I chose KU to play football but also just to go to school. KU has a great journalism school. Those were my two main attractions.”

What was your favorite part about being a Jayhawk?
“I would say just the camaraderie on the team and the diversity of guys from all over the country. Also, the relationships that were kindled (between the athletic teams) because my wife ran track at KU, I met a variety of people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Not to mention playing football every day.”

What was your favorite football memory?
6715305.jpeg?1354820944“My favorite football memory was in 2002 in the game against Colorado. One of the guys who played at KU transferred to Texas Tech, and the week before he had three touchdowns in a game. He challenged me to basically do the same. During halftime of the Colorado game, I had two touchdowns. It was a very fun game. Being able to take Colorado up for two touchdowns was a pretty big accomplishment for me.”

What was the hardest part about being a student athlete?
“The hardest part was balancing your time in the day between workouts, class and study halls. There’s not enough time to get everything in, like video games and other things I would like to do. It wasn’t impossible, but there were just times when we would have to make sacrifices. We didn’t have the life that everyone else had.”

6715300.jpeg?1354820475What do you miss most about KU?
“Hanging out with my teammates; the locker room times are probably some of the best times ever. Jokes were being told, stories were being told, making fun of each other, laughing with each other, and all the conversations about everything. It was just the fact that as a college student I was responsible, but I wasn’t nearly as responsible as an adult having to go to work every day. So, just being young and enjoying life.”

What is your career now?
“I am in pharmaceutical sales. I got into this career field mainly through networking. I was working at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. I met a lot of pharmaceutical reps and they felt like I had the aptitude and skill set to really make a difference in the pharmaceutical sales field. I started talking with people, and networking with people so they would vouch for me with the manager. That’s how the interview process began and that’s where I’ve been for the last seven years.”

6715294.jpeg?1354820599Do you have any big plans for the future?
“Ideally I would want to be a trainer or a manager in my current company. Also I would like to move South and be closer to my wife’s family.”

Do you have any advice for future and current student athletes?
“Primarily, just to make sure that they are network-worthy; to allow themselves to get into a position to get a good job. A lot of these companies like to hire former athletes, so they have to get themselves into a position to be in front of these employers. If they aren’t doing that, then they are doing themselves a disservice. Make sure you get your degree and set yourself up for an opportunity.”