Dec. 7, 2005

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Postgame Quotes
Kansas 73, UMKC 51
December 7, 2005

Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson
On the game:

“We got off to a rough start. They played a 2-3 zone, which we haven’t seen a lot of and they play it soft so every catch is about a foot and a half off. I thought without the ball we weren’t ready to take shots. To be ready without the ball and to be a good shooter means being ready on the catch. I didn’t think we were doing that early on but we got a little bit better.”

On Freshman Guard Ivana Catic:
“I thought she made good adjustments. She tried to figure out if they were playing a 2-3 or 3-2 zone. International players don’t play much zone so that’s good for her to try to figure out how to play.”

On the offense:
“Our best offense is probably going to be our defense, if we can get transition opportunities. It was ugly for the longest time, then we started playing better and found our passing lanes.”

“Give them credit, they’ve got some injuries and some kids that are hurt. I think they are going to have a good year. They have to get some kids healthy.”

On playing Wisconsin:
“We have a big test coming up on Sunday. Wisconsin is a very good team. They just lost to Notre Dame, who is ranked 11/12 in the country and played them close. It’s a great opportunity for us to play a quality team from a quality conference. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to play at home.”

Senior Guard Kaylee Brown
On the first minutes of the game:

“We were not ready to shoot early on. They (UMKC) started getting on us a little more; we started to drop our hits and get into the game more. We started to get aggressive and move the ball through the zone.”

Senior Forward Crystal Kemp
On Kansas’ record:

“We’re not really thinking about being undefeated. We’re just focusing on our next game against Wisconsin; our record is not the first thing on our minds.”

On playing Wisconsin:
“They have a really good point guard but we will just have to go out there and play hard. Defense will be crucial. Hopefully we’ll come out with a win.”

Freshman Forward, Marija Zinic
On the game:

“We didn’t start (the game) like we should have. Defensively, we could have been a lot better. We had more turnovers then last time and that is something that we have to work on. But, we did improve on the free-throw line.”

On being comfortable:
“I feel better out on the floor than I did in the first game. I have to improve on my defense and get to the (free throw) line more.”

UMKC Head Coach Bo Overton
On his team:

“I thought Stephanie Brown and our big people really showed something tonight. It’s so important to have guards who can get the ball to the post players if you have big players who can play. I thought Stephanie, Liz (Obrecht) and Alyssa (Klein) really fought it. They are going to be good players for us in our league.”

On his team’s toughness:
“Coming over here in the blizzard today, none of that stuff was normal and it makes us tough. That is what our team is about. In our league, we make trips to Detroit, Utah and Chicago where the weather is bad. You have to be a tough player to play in these places. I think our preseason schedule is going to do that for us.”

On Kansas’ freshman guard Ivana Catic:
“I love the way she plays. The biggest thing she does for this (Kansas) team is when people come off of her to help on Kemp or chase shooters around, she makes shots. When you have the ball in your hands all the time, and you make great decisions like that and make open shots, you are going to have a pretty good team.”