Postgame Quotes

Dec. 8, 2011

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Postgame Quotes
Kansas 73, Wisconsin 44
December 8, 2011

Head coach Bonnie Henrickson
Opening Statement:
“We had good balance after a disappointing loss. I’m proud of how we responded. I’m proud of our defensive effort, our discipline and for us to commit only six turnovers offensively. We talked to the point guards about controlling the tempo. We got sped up at Alabama and we thought they (Wisconsin) would try and slow us down and cushion us, but they came out and guarded us a little stronger than we anticipated.”

On the key to committing so few turnovers:
“I thought we had more discipline because we’ve played teams that haven’t necessarily pressured us. Sometimes it’s just a bad decision on a ball that you shouldn’t throw and sometimes it’s pressure-related. In the Alabama game it was pressure and they got us out of rhythm. We didn’t do that today and sometimes that can happen without pressure.”

On starting Keena Mays tonight:
“She’s earned it. She’s produced, she’s practiced well, she’s been who I thought all along she can be and she’s continued to get better and better. She’s practiced really well and that’s important. She’s a playmaker, she shoots the three well, she went to the glass hard and defensively she was good. It’s about practice and production and she’s been able to answer both of those.”

On Tania Jackson’s performance:
“She ran in transition, ran to the rim and she hit the three early, which makes her feel good about herself. She’s had a lot of experience at the five-position because Carolyn has been in some foul trouble, like at Wake Forest she got into foul trouble in the first couple minutes and Tania played the whole first half at the five.”

On Aishah Sutherland’s performance:
“Her effort numbers have been really good. Her effort to go to the glass and I was shocked to see she only had three offensive rebounds because it felt like she had 10. She gets the rebounds at the top of her jump and when she does that, it’s impressive. Basketball gods are going to reward you. If you go to the glass, you’ll get them. If you don’t go, you don’t have a chance.”

Sophomore guard Keena Mays
On her focus for the game:
“(I focused on) being aggressive and just my defense. It was kind of what we struggled with at Alabama. We made an effort to play better defense this game.”

On when she learned she would be starting for the first time this season:
“I learned that earlier today at shoot-around.”

On many different roles this season:
“I have played every role of the team. Hopefully, I can stay consistent.”

On rebounding:
“It was the same as with defense. That’s kind of where we struggled at Alabama also. (Head coach Bonnie Henrickson) told us we need to go to the boards more, especially at the guard spot.”

Senior forward Aishah Sutherland
On Keena Mays’ first start of the season:
“She did start last year so this isn’t something new to her. She came out tonight and started off great. She got the three-pointers, which was great momentum. She got us all hyped. She came out and did what she needed to do. (She) played good defense.”

On her career-high 16 rebounds:
“All the coaches let me know that they were happy with my rebounding, but they see that I only had three offensive rebounds so I need to go to the offensive (glass) more. (I had) 13 defensive rebounds so that’s what they were worried about the most. I need to keep going after offensive rebounds. I’m going to improve that myself.”

On her productive second half:
“I felt in the first half that I wasn’t (playing well.) I had a lot of air-balls and not really good shots that I’d taken. I thought in the second half that I need to score. I need to get to the rim and do what I need to do to get points.”

Wisconsin head coach Bobbie Kelsey
On KU’s defense:
“Defensively they are big, fast and strong and they took advantage of their speed and quickness on the perimeter by making us pick up the ball without a plan. We stress to our kids not to pick it up and not know what you are going to do with it. We did that several times and (that) caused a couple turnovers, but I think we settled down with that. (Kansas) is a very good team. They are going to go far. They showed tonight that if you double their post, they are going to kick the ball out and make a shot. We had some open looks and we didn’t hit ours.”

On playing a zone on Carolyn Davis:
“We had to double team her. She is a great player by her stat line, but we want to double both the post players because we cannot handle one-on-one as you can tell. Not many people will be able to (defend Davis). They did a good job of hitting the open shot from the opposite side when they kicked it out.”