Softball Announces 2005 Winter Clinics

Dec. 9, 2004


Kansas head coach Tracy Bunge and her staff will hold five clinics and a hitting league this January for softball players of all ages.

This year we will be holding two specialized pitching clinics that will be taught by Coach Bunge and assisted by several members of the KU pitching staff. Power Pitching will focus on the mechanics of the fastball and increasing velocity and will also teach the basics of the change up. Throwing Pitches will break down the drop, rise, and curve. Both sessions will break down the mechanics of the pitching motion and the drills necessary to build effectiveness. Pitchers must bring their own catchers. The fee is $50.00 per session.

Building a Great Swing
In this session, we will cover the basic fundamentals of the swing and learning drills that will help improve the quality and effectiveness of the swing. This will be headed up by Assistant Coaches Jen Sewell and Christi Musser and aided by other members of the KU softball team. This is for ages 11 and up. The fee is $50.00.

Advanced Hitting
Advanced hitting is a continuation of Building a Great Swing. This will be a faster moving clinic and will be more in depth on what it takes to be a great hitter. More advanced drills will be introduced along with hitting location and moving pitches. This session is for those in grades 9- 12 only. The fee is $50.00.

This clinic is to improve catching fundamentals and skills. It will include throwing, framing and blocking. Catchers will work with KU Coach Jen Sewell. Gear must be brought by the player and is available for all ages. The fee is $50.00.

Hitting League
Our most popular clinic from the past three years is back. Hitting league was designed to provide the athlete with a chance for hitting practice observed by the Kansas Softball Coaching Staff and the chance for a competitive atmosphere. Each team will consist of five players who will hit off a pitching machine for points. Score will be kept and compared with other teams and awards will be given out to the winners at the conclusion of the four weeks. Hitting league is very popular so do not wait to send in registration and payment. Your payment must be received before the space is secure.

Any questions or can’t download registration form? Please call KU assistant coach Christi Musser at 785-864-7964.

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