Dec. 9, 2007

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<?xml:namespace prefix=”st1″ ns=”urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags”?>Kansas 69, Indiana 61

December 9, 2007

Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson

Her thoughts on the game:

“Jamie (Boyd) said, `coach, some days it’s going to be like this and you have to find a way to win.’ That is from a senior who has been down the road with us. Maybe a year ago we wouldn’t have found a way to win this one. On a night where Sade (Morris) and Danielle (McCray) struggled a little bit it was good for Kristen (Boogaard) to be solid inside. Ivana (Catic) did a nice job. She was a little tentative early but I thought she was solid. You’ve got to have kids step up, whether they have played a bunch or they just got in a little bit here and there. It was an ugly win but it will just say `W’ in the paper tomorrow.”

On what this win means for the team:

“There are obviously some lessons for us to learn and some things to get better with. But from an emotional standpoint, for us to be able to dig down and be able to find a way to win is important for us right now.”

On the team’s shooting performance:

“In the first half we sat there and looked at the stat sheet and said, `hey, we aren’t shooting very well.’ Then I looked at the stat sheet and I misspoke, because we actually shot 55%. But you have to win it with your defense and get some shots and we needed every one we could get.”

On the team’s balance:

“We had four players in double figures. We aren’t just standing there and watching those two players (Sade Morris and Danielle McCray). At times I thought we should have cut and slashed and looked inside. On a night where those two struggled, we have enough confidence around them to step up and we aren’t going to just stand around. The rest of these kids played with confidence and I think that was important to us.”

On the upcoming week:

“We will take this win going into exams. Then we have a tough UC-Riverside team coming in here on Sunday who played OklahomaState in our league. They had a couple of non-conference games, but they are a quality team. Study hall is tonight at seven o’clock if anyone wants to join us. I appreciate everybody coming out. Mother nature didn’t stop the Jayhawks in the crowd tonight.”

Freshman forward Krysten Boogaard

On her confidence level:

“I feel very comfortable during the game. Like Bonnie said we are put in pressure situations in practice and so I feel very confident during games.”

On picking up her teammates:

“All of us were real pumped during the game. I realize that some games people are going to struggle and somebody will have to step up. I feel like I did that today.”

On her overall game:

“I try to run the floor and get my opponent running. That is a part of my game. I like being inside and being a presence. It is hard at times to stay out of foul trouble, but I try to keep my arms back when they are shooting.”

Junior guard Ivana Catic

On the game:

“It was an ugly game, but we found a way to win and this is encouraging. At the end of the day that is all that really matters.”

Sophomore guard Danielle McCray

On doing the little things to win the game:

“A lot of times when I get two fouls I get taken out the game. That is probably a good thing for me because I would probably get a third foul. When I got back into the game I knew that I needed to step up and make something happen. I just wanted to help Taylor (McIntosh) and Krysten on the rebounds. I got a few steals and I tried to knock my free-throws down.”

Head Coach Felisha Legette-Jack

On the game:

“It was a fantastic game between two good teams. Kansas is doing a tremendous job of building a program. I have 100 percent respect for Bonnie Henrickson for her style, class and ability to grow a program. Tonight was indicative of her doing a great job. However, we have a good team as well. We are young and we are finding our way. I told our kids that they are going to have to learn some lessons and unfortunately sometimes you have to learn those lessons in defeat. We are going to be better later on (in the season) and we just have to stay together as a Hoosier family.”

On pressing Kansas:

“Everything that we do is about who we are. I think that the press helps us get our legs and some momentum in the game. We thought that if we pressed early, we would get a little bit more momentum. We started off well early. We knew that they are a first half team and we wanted to offset that. We were able to get some good shots early, but unfortunately, in the middle of the half, we had some lapses. They were mostly focus lapses. They are a great defensive team, but a lot of it was caused by ourselves.”

On holding Kansas’ Danielle McCray in check:

“We played our defense. We usually do not focus on one player. We just knew that she is a great shooter, so we attempted to guard as a shooter from the perimeter. Some of the shots that she took, she just missed and we did not do much to stop her, but I give credit to our defense.”

Junior Guard Kim Roberson

On getting open three-point shots:

“My teammates drove and sucked in the defense and I was the recipient of that. I just tried to knock it down for our team.”

On attacking Kansas at the rim:

“We just saw what the defense gave us and we capitalized on it.”