Kansas 81, UMKC 53 Postgame Quotes

Dec. 10, 2009

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Post Game Quotes

Kansas 81, UMKC 53

December 10, 2009

Kansas head coach Bonnie Henrickson

On the game:

“I thought Danielle (McCray) responded to my challenge defensively. I told her when we started our prep that I’d have her guard (Chazny) Morris, and I thought she was dialed-in and made her work. Danielle is a good one-on-one player, but she gets loose on us a little bit and had to play more in the first half than I anticipated when Sade (Morris) got in foul trouble. Considering she had to work that hard, I loved her effort on the offensive glass and she got to the free throw line. I thought she stepped up and responded and that’s what great players do.”

On how Kansas responded to UMKC’s defense:

“The little junk didn’t surprise me a whole lot. We didn’t prep it because I thought we could run a couple things that we had. Oklahoma State played us similarly last year and the assistant coach is from Oklahoma State, so we ended up running a set in the second half that we used last year. Prior to that, I wasn’t going to try and run anything special for it. I thought we did a good job. Danielle (McCray) had some poise. It’s good for us to see that. They’re mixing up the defense from man-to-man to just a two-three and then the junk as well.”

On UMKC’s physical play towards Krysten Boogaard:

“I thought she did a good job and I thought she played perimeter well defensively. She and Carolyn (Davis) probably played the dribble as well as the post players did to try and keep people in front and force a couple walks. Early, I thought that we threw her some stuff and I was just hopeful that she could make a pass back out and not turn the ball over. There was a stretch where she was in front of the rim and demanding the ball and showing her numbers to the ball, and I thought she did a great job with that. She played well in the middle minutes in the first half and that carried over to the second half.”

Senior Sade Morris

On playing better this game:

“We did a better job communicating today. I feel like our defensive intensity was there for the most part and that just made things easier.”

On a slow start the first half:

“It is about our practice. Some practices we come out great and then we will be ok. That’s kind of how we play: Great and the we come out sluggish, then we will play great again, and then go back to being sluggish. It is just about coming out with the killer instinct, which I thought we did the second half. We just need to do that the whole game.”

Junior Marisha Brown

On getting more playing time:

“I have just been working hard in practice. I think that (Kansas head coach) Bonnie (Henrickson) will do whatever is best for the team. I don’t have a problem sitting on the bench, but I am ready to go into the game when I am called upon.”

On making threes:

“I guess that it has been my little trend the past few games that I have gotten in. I am pretty excited about that.”

Junior Krysten Boogaard

On being a greater presence in the paint:

“I have gained a lot of muscle in the summertime. I decided to stay here and get stronger because I knew that if I went back to my national team, I wouldn’t get that strength.”

On improving her free throws:

“I know that I always need to continuously work on my free throws. I know that I went 7-for-11 today, which isn’t that great. But I have been doing a little better than in the past.”

On playing with Angel:

“Angel is a great player to play with. She is one of the greatest point guard I have ever played with. She makes these passes that you don’t think that she can make because she sees the floor really well.”

UMKC head coach Candace Whitaker

On keeping the score close on the first half:

“We did a good job of mixing up defensive and keeping them out of rhythm. We kept them off the boards for the most part. They had maybe four or six offensive rebounds in the first half, and a couple of those came off of free throws. We did a pretty good job executing offensively. We did a better job of that in the first half than the second half”

On UMKC struggling in road games:

“We’re playing good competition and we’re really young. We’ve been on the road for a while. There are a couple of games that we probably should have won. One of those we should have won and the other we had a really good chance to win. We’ve struggled putting 40 minutes together. We’ve been a one half team up to this point. We have to figure some stuff out there and we need some of these young kids to grow up a little bit quicker.”

On the play of UMKC senior guard Chazny Morris:

“We didn’t really have a lot of production from a lot of people tonight. We’ve had other people in different games that have put up points. At Oral Roberts we had more people put up points. At times when Chaz has gone cold other people have stepped up. I’ve been pretty proud of the distributive scoring for the most part from game to game. We don’t have as many people averaging as many points as she is. We definitely have people stepping up in different games. We didn’t have a lot of production from a lot of people inside tonight and KU had a lot to do with that.”

On Kansas:

“They are a really good team. They are big inside. They’re well coached and they’re smart. They have great guards. They have a smart point guard. I expected them to be able to play the way they did. They will do really well in the Big 12.”

On facing Kansas’ post players:

“It’s not something that we see every day. We’re a team of six-footers. It’s different for us. We have to be able to attack her [Kansas center Krysten Boogaard]. A few of our young players did all right with that. They didn’t really finish. They were altering their shots, which big players will make you do.”

On Kansas’ 21-3 run in the second half:

“We didn’t score. That’s what happened. Again, Kansas is a really good team. They are strong defensively. You have trouble getting to the rim on them. You have to hit perimeter shots. They aren’t just going to fall down and let you shoot it. You have to be able to separate yourself and get your shot off and execute.”