Game Quotes

Dec. 11, 2005

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Postgame Quotes
Kansas 90, Wisconsin 87 (2 OT)
December 11, 2005

Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson
On the game:

“What was disappointing was that we were down 14 points at half-time and a lot of their points were second-chance points. We tried to get it under 10 by the first time out, but they kept scoring. Then they made a little run again. Erica (Hallman) started hitting some tough shots and we started to defend their pattern and we did a better job of boxing out. I thought our box-out effort was good the first six possessions, then we started to stand around.”

On Senior Guard Erica Hallman:
“She was put in a special situation to hit the three in the first overtime. She has worked hard the last couple of days, has great execution and the confidence to knock it down. She was a little frustrated in the first half, but she is a good shooter and she has to be able to let it go. I believe in the kid and I think in big games she can make big shots.”

On Wisconsin:
“That is a good young team. They did a great job and we are lucky to get out of here alive. It was a good game for us. Now that we’ve played them, we know where we are at and are ready to get after it again. I think it was good for us.”

Senior, Forward Crystal Kemp
On the big come back:

“It lets us know that anything is possible. We didn’t get down on ourselves and we executed things that we knew that would work and we kept trying to play to their weaknesses. It’s great to come out with a win in double overtime!”

On the three-point shot at the end of the first overtime:
“That hurt me. I didn’t know what to do on that one. I was there and she threw it like a baseball, there’s just nothing you can do about that one.”

Senior Guard Erica Hallman
On the message at halftime:
“We needed to get stops on defense and transition on offense, execute in the half-court and box-out when rebounding. We weren’t executing our gameplan. I thought we did a nice job defensively, but we weren’t boxing out so that’s what hurt us in the first half.”

On finding her shot late in the game:
“I’m a shooter. I’m going to keep shooting and eventually it will fall. If the first doesn’t fall eventually one will, and fortunately it did late in the game.”

On the team’s fitness:
“We’re all in shape. Coach Hudy does a good job with us conditioning wise. We can all play 50 minutes effectively. I think we’re all in good shape. It was all about who was going to get tired first.”

Freshman Point Guard Ivana Catic
On the three-point shot at the end of the first overtime:
“I looked at Bonnie and she said ‘hey that’s okay, it’s a lucky shot.’ I think fear is the worst thing that can happen to a team, so I was not afraid because I knew we were going to keep hustling.”

On the second half turnaround:
“We came out of the locker room in the second half and we knew exactly what we had to do. It’s difficult to make adjustments during the game, but when you have that seven or eight minutes to talk with Bonnie, things clear up.”

On her attitude when down 18 points:
“I was just thinking that we have to keep playing. They aren’t going to let us win and give up and say ‘hey why don’t you win?’ I knew it was going to be difficult because of the adjustments we had to make such as boxing out and not giving up 2nd chance points.”

Wisconsin Head Coach Lisa Stone
On the game:

“Things go your way sometimes, and sometimes they don’t. I think we commanded the game the whole way. Give Kansas a lot of credit, they never quit. If we make our free throws in regulation, we win the game. If the bucket counts on the offensive foul in the first overtime, we win the game. In the second overtime they (Kansas) kept going to what was working for them. You look at their two seniors, a post player inside (Crystal Kemp) and a 3-point shooter (Erica Hallman). They played valiantly. This one was taken away from us. No disrespect to Kansas, they are well coached and on a mission at 7-0. They are playing at home for the seventh game and we are on the road for our fifth. I am not going to make excuses. I am proud of our players, and hopefully we can rebound from this.”

On what changed in the second half:
“They came after us defensively and they started hitting threes. They only made one in the first half and they are a team that makes about seven threes a game. The five that they made in the second half turned the table. We made some poor decisions both offensively and defensively in little spurts.”