Former Jayhawk Standout in Final Round of Brazilian "Apprentice"

Dec. 16, 2011

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LAWRENCE, Kan. – Former Jayhawk volleyball star Jana Correa has earned a spot in the final round of “O Aprendiz,” the Brazilian version of the American reality TV series, “The Apprentice.” With two contestants remaining, Correa is in contention for $1.5 million.

“O Aprendiz” is a reality show currently produced by Rede Record, which uses the same format as the American program, originally submitted by the developer Donald Trump. Originating in 2004, Correa is one of only two remaining contestants of the eighth season that began on Nov. 1.

Each season, 16-18 candidates are selected to compete for a contract in a company for at least one year, presented by businessman John Doria Jr., president of Associated Doria. Divided into two teams, the candidates advance by performing a series of tasks involving sales, marketing, promotions, real estate, finance, charitable activities, advertising, business management as well as fundraising and asset management. Each team chooses a leader and has only a few days to accomplish its task.

The winning team receives a reward, while the losing group must visit the meeting room for the determination of which member of the group should be “fired” (eliminated from the show). Such termination proceeds in two stages: first, a winning and a losing group is determined. The leader then selects the members who contributed most to the defeat. In the second step, the rest of the group is dismissed, and the chosen leader and members are confronted once again to determine which one will be fired.

Correa, a marketing major at Kansas, now sits one round away from winning. With a focus on entrepreneurs, Doria will award the winner of the competition with $1.5 million and a fast food franchise.

A member of the Jayhawk volleyball team from 2003-2006, Correa was a vital piece of all three of Kansas’ NCAA Tournament appearances (2003-05). The Macapa, Brazil native is on KU’s top-10 all-time career kills list. During her four years at Kansas, Correa averaged 3.60 kills per set – only two Jayhawks in program history recorded more.