Dec. 21, 2005

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Postgame Quotes
Kansas 63, Creighton 52
December 21, 2005

Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson
On the game:

“We are thrilled. Creighton will have a great year that has just been in a little rut as of late. They are a quality basketball team that we have lots of respect for and they beat us pretty good last year at their place. We are just excited for the kids. On a night where we struggled to score, we were at least solid defensively. I thought switching to the zone changed the rhythm and what was good is we kept scoring, which enabled us to get back and set up the zone.”

On holding Angie Janis to five points:
“Karen Lange did a great job on the scouting report. Last year, we played her one-on-one and she is too good for that. We made sure we knew where she was eveyrtime she caught the ball. She is a great one-on-one player and we were just trying to get her to pass it. She is a great player and that is the greatest form of a complement when you double team a player.”

On being held to 63 points:
“They did a nice job on a lot of our shots. I finally decided to go away from Crystal because she was struggling to score on the block. We tried to create some things for Erica (Hallman) and she did get some good penetration. They defended all of our on-ball screeens so well last year that this year we worked on a lot of our sets that didn’t have on-ball screens. I was disappointed with our offensive rebounding numbers and we didn’t move well off the ball, but those are things that we can fix. Your shots aren’t always going to fall, but there is no excuse for not defending well and I am proud of our kids to defend that well.”

KU Player Quotes
Senior Forward Crystal Kemp
On the play of Angie Janis:

“Last year she killed us with 24 (points) and Coach (Bonnie Henrickson) said to make sure we went out there and got some defensive pressure on her. I was worried about her because she is a lot smaller and a lot quicker than I am so I knew I had to buckle down on defense. I think that I got her a little flustered on the shot I blocked and after that she wasn’t as aggressive as she normally is.”

On the last eight and a half minutes of the game:
“I think that we got some key defensive stops and we went down and executed on the offensive end. It was going back and forth there for a little while and then they got some stops. After that I think that we scored on two or three consecutive possessions.”

On Creighton making its first five of six shots:
“A lot of those shots were wide open. As a Division I team you expect them to make wide-open shots. We knew that we had to buckle down a little more defensively.

Senior Guard Erica Hallman
On the game:

“We didn’t get as many points in transition as we would have liked but we pulled out a win and that is the most important thing. Whether it was by two or 10 or 30, a win is a win.”

On the last eight and a half minutes of the game:
“We got some stops. Bonnie (Henrickson) put us in the three two (defense) and in 13 possessions they scored twice. We switched it up on them and gave them a different look and Crystal (Kemp) got a couple big shots for us and Kaylee (Brown) and I were able to knock down a couple of free throws and that got the lead out to 10.”

On being 9-0:
“It feels good. Any team that is undefeated is happy about it just like we are. We can’t focus on that, we have to go out and play each game hard and take it one game at a time and continue to keep that zero on the other side.”

Creighton Head Coach Jim Flanery
On the game:

“We’re 2-5 and they [Kansas] are 9-0, and in the last seven minutes Kansas showed a little more conviction that they were going to win the game. Kansas executed better than we did down the stretch. They threw a little wrinkle at us, and we didn’t necessarily respond. When we did, we just didn’t knock down shots.”

On Kansas:
“Give credit to Kansas, they ran their stuff and had kids step up and get some big shots. The poise that they showed was reflected in the fact that they were able to win nine-straight games.”

On senior guard Kristi Woodard:
“Kristi’s a great shooter, one of the best shooters we’ve ever had and is an 88 percent career free throw shooter. We really need for her and Angie Janis to play well, and it just doesn’t seem like they can both play well in the same game this year. Both of them have to play well, especially when we are on the road and playing a team like Kansas.”