Dec. 28, 2004

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Post-Game Quotes

Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson
On making a 24-0 run in the first half:
“Our ball pressure forced them (San Diego State) to pick the ball up and forced them to make bad passes. I thought Sharita (Smith) had great energy off the bench. I didn’t think in that stretch the majority of those (points) were from our offense, I thought the majority were in transition of our defense.”

On Kansas’ defense:
I thought we did a decent job trying to limit (Ashley) Cheesman’s right shoulder. I thought Crystal (Kemp) did a great job of not allowing a second shot. We just felt like all of those shots needed to be contested. There are times on film from previous games that if you could stay on line and not overrun the penetration. I thought Crystal did a great job in the first half.”

Junior Guard Erica Hallman
On Kansas’ 24-0 run:
“I didn’t even realize we had a 24-0 run. We created a lot of easy shots, we had some easy looks and stopped them on defense. It always feels good to be on the upper end (of the run).”

On playing on the road in two days:
“We have to come in and focus tomorrow for one day of prep time. Then we will go on the road and play hard and play like we did tonight. Hopefully we will come home with a victory.”

Junior Forward Crystal Kemp
On the game:
“I didn’t even notice we had a 24-0 run. We just wanted to go out there and keep our intensity up. Fortunately, the subs from the bench also kept the intensity up, and that’s the kind of thing what we need out there.”

On beginning Big 12 Conference play at Texas:
“That will be a challenge for us. Hopefully, we will have some good momentum from the game on Thursday (at Ball State) going into the game on the fifth.

Senior Guard Aquanita Burras
On conditioning during break:
“The things the coaches had us doing over the break should keep us in the same caliber of conditioning. We had to do a lot of cardio and make sure we were still in the weight room.

On the game:
“I didn’t realize the run either. Our intensity in trying to get back and forth, stopping on defense, and making sure we brought the defense to our offense. I don’t think any of us noticed the 24-0 run. I think being behind 12-11 was our control because we weren’t strong with the ball and we made turnovers at the beginning. After that, Coach (Henrickson) told us we had to be strong and bring it out on defense, then everything just took from there.”

San Diego State Head Coach Jim Tomey
On the game:
“Kansas has a great team. They are well coached and they played hard. I think that they were a little too physical for us. I thought we competed for the first ten minutes and then we got into foul trouble. We just have too many injuries to overcome that kind of serious foul trouble. “

On Crystal Kemp’s play:
“She (Crystal Kemp) was to much too handle for us and we knew that coming in. I thought for the most part we did a good job on her initially but she hurt us on the boards and she hurt us on the second shot. She is a good player. She works hard and she is going to give them (Kansas) some good moments.”