Postgame Quotes

Dec. 28, 2011

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Postgame Quotes
Kansas 87, Sam Houston State 59
December 28, 2011

Kansas head coach Bonnie Henrickson
Opening Statement:
“I’ll have fun watching 10 minutes of film. The other 30 might be agonizing. You let people get comfortable, and they get confident. They start making threes. We were flat. One-on-one, they spread us out and spaced us and got some rhythm threes in it. Then about the 16-minute mark, we decided to wake up and play. Then we were really, really good. It’s just disappointing that it takes us that long to figure that out from a sense of urgency and pride one-on-one. Everybody in that locker room knows you can’t go to Texas and play for 10 minutes.”

On the team’s 15-0 run in the first half and the 21-0 run in the second half:
“Angel (Goodrich) hit a three, layup and then she hits another one. We got into them and got up the court. We blocked shots. We forced bad shots. We rebounded, got an outlet up the floor and got numbers. You certainly wanted that in longer stretches for more of the game.”

On the team’s rebounding:
“We shot 56 percent and had 17 offensive rebounds. (We) missed 30 shots and had 17 offensive rebounds. We haven’t done that all year. That’s as many offensive rebounds as we’ve had on the year. That had been a concern of mine so we kind of cleaned that up, but on the defensive end we just have to be better.”

On all five starters scoring at least 10 points:
“We need balance. The best teams I’ve had have always had four and five guys in double figures. In a game like this where we shared the ball – we had 23 assists on 38 field goals – that’s who we’ve always been. These guys are really unselfish. They look to find somebody.”

On the play of Natalie Knight:
“Defensively, she struggled early and often, but offensively she made open shots. She shared the ball, had six assists and no turnovers. Defensively, she’s better than that one-on-one. Her guy was loose a lot early. We went to CeCe (Harper) pretty quick because (Knight) just didn’t guard very well. She’s been a pretty good defender for us.”

On the play of Carolyn Davis:
“Think about how quick she catches it, scores it and keeps it simple. You get spoiled sometimes. We get frustrated with other bigs in practice. Then you watch film of all these other guys and (realize) we’re kind of spoiled. As quick as she can catch it and finish it is pretty special. She made the most of her opportunity her freshman year after the Oklahoma State game here. From a confidence standpoint, from a work ethic standpoint, from embracing who she has to be for us every night, she does a great job. Her teammates trust her. They all throw her the ball, and they trust that she works early. She has great hands and great feet. If you have those two things as a post player, you have a chance. She does a great job for us.”

On the play of Chelsea Gardner:
“Points per minute the last two games, she’s fighting for some time it looks like. She’s easy to throw to like Carolyn. She started to embrace putting up her hand closest to the rim. If she can put her hand up, and they can get it to her, she finishes a lot like that. “

On Asia Boyd’s development:
“She’s getting there. She really wants to get it right. She makes things look difficult, like the right-handed layup. It’s wide open, but she (maneuvered in mid-air). I said, `There’s no degree of difficulty. This isn’t diving. Just score it.’ But there’s no one there, she leans in, gets her head under the rim and (misses). I love the kid because nobody wants to get it right more than she does. I just keep telling her to keep it simple. Her stance is better. Her ability to keep us in a play is better. She made a couple bad plays tonight, but she made a couple good plays. Sometimes, it’s just reversing it and keeping us in an offense. I bet out of Chelsea (Gardner)’s last 20 points, Asia’s thrown it to her three or four times. She’s a good passer off the dribble. She gets better every day. That kid works every day to get better. She’s in the gym early. She’ll stay after. She comes in on her own. Her shot has gotten much, much better. Honestly, we need for her to help us. In that fourth guard spot, we need for somebody to contribute on the defensive end and the offensive end. It would be nice if it was the same person.”

On the upcoming Special Olympics event:
“We do it for Douglas County because the men have theirs, and they kind of do it statewide. We realized only about 10 Special Olympians from Douglas County participate just because their numbers are so big. We talked to them about providing an opportunity just for Douglas County Special Olympians. I have a brother that’s a Special Olympian. He’s a swimmer and a track athlete, so it means a lot to me. Our players are so good with them. The sheer joy they express by making a basket is the coolest thing. They come to our games. They players teach stations. Then we play half-court with them. The hospital visit, the Special Olympics clinic and the holiday clinic are probably three of the highlights of the year from an opportunity for us to give back. It’s really, really special for us. I love watching them because they’re great with them.”

Kansas junior forward Carolyn Davis
On what she thought of the game overall:
“We didn’t play a full game the way we play. We came out in segments and played hard and that’s when we shut them out but we have to learn to play a full game that way.”

On what contributed to the team’s big second-half run:
“I think we were getting up on them defensively and we gained a lot of confidence that way. We ran out and got easy buckets. We were hitting the boards and offensive rebounds are a big confidence builder and I think our confidence was at a very high level and that’s what helped us keep running on them.”

On the team’s big night on the boards:
“We haven’t been that good (on the boards) in a while. I can’t remember a game this season when we’ve been that good. That’s a big, big confidence builder going into Texas (next week) where they will be big on the boards. We have to be the same way we were tonight.”

Kansas junior guard Angel Goodrich
On how she and junior Carolyn Davis work on their inside-out game:
“In practice, that’s how we build up our chemistry. I see where she wants the ball and where she can get it and that’s where I try to give the ball during the game. It’s easier for her to get the pass in a certain spot and lay it up so that’s where I’m going to (feed) her the ball.”

On what it means to have five people score in double digits:
“It’s very good for us going into league play for us to have five people in double-digits. That means we’re sharing the ball and everyone is hitting the open shot.”

Kansas senior forward Aishah Sutherland
On the play of freshman Chelsea Gardner:
“She’s doing great. she can contribute in league play when we need people off the bench. She’s good, she’s a solid player in the post. She is able to finish well around the basket. She has grown as a player.”

On what she thought of the team’s defense:
“We had a lot of turnovers and we struggled on defense in the beginning but we kind of picked it up. We had about 10 minutes that we played well out of the 40 but we need to show up all 40 minutes. That’s not going to work during conference. In conference we need to come in and play defense all 40 minutes.”

Kansas freshman guard Natalie Knight
On what she thought of the game overall:
“I think offensively we shared the ball really well. We found the open player and when we did get out and run in transition, we got easy baskets. Defensively we did struggle a little bit but we had a stretch where we played really well defensively and offensively. We know we have to grow our game to continue to play the whole game like we did those 10-15 minutes.”

Sam Houston State head coach Brenda Welch-Nichols
On her team’s play:
“I thought we came out and had a really good first half. I don’t think we followed through on a lot of things. I think in the second half, they just out-played us and out-worked us. I wish I could turn the clock around, go back to the first half and give them a little better game in the second half. I give it all to them. They played a great game and I wish them the best of luck.”