Postgame Quotes

Dec. 30, 2010

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Postgame Quotes

Kansas 80, UT-Arlington 57

December 30, 2010

Kansas Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson

On the recap of the game:

“I’m not happy about the turnovers. I’m disappointed that our defense wasn’t better. When we played well in spurts, we looked good, but when we didn’t we just looked sloppy. I don’t know that we have had 21 turnovers all year. It’s disappointing to just throw it around and then throw it to them.”

On coming of the break:

“When you look at it, some of it has nothing to do with the break. To me it was more us than UTA. We had practiced better than that. It’s not like we’ve been that sloppy and that bad. Defensively, we played after the fact, and we didn’t deny anybody. When we got them to turn it over we got points in transition. We just played well a couple of possessions then we fell asleep for a while. You can’t let (Tamara) Simmons go left all the time. That’s not focus and concentration.”

On taking care of the ball:

“We haven’t really been that team. We have not looked that bad from a turnover standpoint all year. It was just casual and careless. We can’t be that sloppy and careless on Monday and try to win the game. The posts cannot bring the ball down the floor. That has been a turnover for us all year. That is post play 101. So it was not all on the perimeter, the majority was on the guards.”

On Carolyn Davis:

“We executed and screened for her, we look high-low for her, and we get it in the middle in the zone. The passers do a good job to find her, and I thought she worked to get a pass. To score that many on that few of shots is really important to us.”

On avoiding the fouls in the first half:

“It makes it to where you can start a rotation and keep a rotation, and that’s important. Keena (Mays) got her third foul and I don’t get her out fast enough. That’s on me to get her out before she gets her fourth.”

Sophomore Carolyn Davis

On each member of the team finding a role:

“For a while it was hard for the younger players to figure out their role. In high school, everyone is a scorer. They know coming in that they were scorers in high school. Coming in to college, everyone is a scorer and your role will change. You might not be the shooter all the time. You might be the driver. Some of the younger kids have been struggling with that, but they are getting better at it.”

On the team’s 21 turnovers:

“I can’t tell you. We were being sloppy with the ball. We talk about that a lot. We have to go into games respecting the competition more and respecting the ball more. We’re being careless with it.”

Freshman Keena Mays

On this being the first game after the holidays:

“It felt a little different, but it’s still no excuse for turnovers that weren’t really forced. We just didn’t take care of the ball today.”

On how the team can force more turnovers:

“Being in the right spots on defense would make it a whole lot easier. We’ve been behind and making it harder to get on top of the ball on defense. We’re just making it harder on ourselves.”

Sophomore Angel Goodrich

On everyone knowing their role on the team:

“Right now everyone should know what their role is. We’re 13 games in. We’ve had 80 practices now so I think everyone knows what they can do and can’t do.”

On how the team can improve:

“Right now we need to work on our defense as a team. We need to work on our defensive stance and being able to guard one-on-one.”

UTA Head Coach Samantha Morrow

On KU’s play versus her team:

“Kansas is just your typical Big 12 team. They’re big, they’re strong and they’ve got some All-Americans out there.”

On Carolyn Davis’ and Keena Mays’ performance:

“I thought she (Davis) killed us inside. We just didn’t do a very good job against her but of course she’s four or five inches taller than us. Then Keena (Mays) coming out early and hitting those shots just made them able to pick us apart inside.”

On her team’s early first half performance:

“I thought that we did really good early. For probably about fifteen minutes I thought we played really well but then they had a run at us at the end of the half and they’re shooting lay-ups on us.”

On her team’s tough non-conference schedule:

“We’ve played a hellacious schedule and we did that knowing that going into the Southland Conference, we’re not going to play anybody as big and strong as Kansas.”