(404A) Disbursements: Goods and Services

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Any disbursement for goods and services procured by Kansas Athletics must be approved by the appropriate supervisor, as well as the Athletic Business Office. Disbursement requests are processed by the Athletic Business Office according to established Kansas Athletics policies and procedures. The Director of Business Operations monitors all disbursements to ensure that transactions involving Kansas Athletics funds are approved, documented and disbursed for payment in compliance with established purchasing rules.

Payment Procedure

Provided established purchasing procedures are followed (see Policy 403, Purchasing Procedures in this Manual), the disbursement of Kansas Athletics funds to pay for goods and services obtained by Kansas Athletics is accomplished by the Athletic Business Office. Specifically, the Accounts Payable Coordinator handles payment processing. Additionally, the Accounts Payable Coordinator is responsible for maintaining Kansas Athletics accounts payable files and handling invoice related problems with vendors when necessary.

The department head or his or her appointed designee shall approve invoices for payment. The department head should sign (not initial) and date the Invoice. Following approval, the invoice should be returned to the Athletics Business Office for payment.

Purchases From Off-Campus Vendors

  • Purchase Orders Purchase orders are issued for the procurement of goods/services. This includes check requests and reimbursement requests.Once a Purchase order has been issued, payment occurs when the goods and an original invoice are received. Vendors are paid according to standard operating procedures, unless the Business Office has been otherwise notified by the Chief Financial Officer. If prepayment is required, approval must be given by the Head Coach, Sport Supervisor and Chief Financial Officer with all contracts reviewed and approved by the Corporate Counsel at the time the purchase requisition is submitted for processing (See Policy 403, Purchasing Procedures, for additional information on purchase requests and the issuance of purchase orders and requisitions.)