(404C) Disbursements: Payroll

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Updated 7/07



While the Director of Athletics has ultimate responsibility for approving payroll expenditures and related amendments to the budget, the Associate Director of Athletics/Internal Affairs, in conjunction with the Director of Business Operations, supervises the payroll function for Kansas Athletics.

Copies of all documents which initiate an employee into the payroll system or amend a cost center’s budget as it pertains to salaries and wages are processed and retained on file, along with other personnel records, in Kansas Athletics.


All Kansas Athletics employees must turn in a signed time card to the payroll coordinator according to the time card schedule issued each year. The time card lists time worked and time off each month. They must be filled out completely and accurately. The time card must be signed by the employee and approved by the employee’s department head. Inaccurate reporting of hours and/or leave may subject the employee to discipline, including termination of employment.

Non-exempt Kansas Athletics employees are paid on a monthly basis at the end of each month for the hours and dates listed on each timecard. Leave must be included on the timecard. Time cards are submitted to the Athletic Business Office on the Monday following the end of each pay period. These time cards must be completed by the employee in ink and reflect the amount of time the employee worked each day. The employee signs his or her time card. The employee’s immediate supervisor is responsible for reviewing the Time Card to insure the proper reporting of all hours worked; the supervisor also signs the time card.

Exempt employees must complete a monthly Report of Benefits Usage form, signed and returned to the Athletics Business Office on or before the 5th day of each month. These forms must be completed by the employee in ink or be typed, and must reflect the actual time the employee took as leave each day. Leave must be reported in full or half day increments. The employee’s immediate supervisor is responsible for reviewing and signing the report to insure the proper reporting of all days not worked. Copies of these time reports are kept on file in the Athletic Business Office for a period of three calendar years. Failure to turn in the leave form by the due date may result in the employee’s paycheck being held. The leave form must be signed by the employee and approved by the department head.

New Hires

When first reporting for work, new employees must report to the Human Resources department to complete all forms pertinent to initiating the payroll process (e.g. IRS W-4, etc.). .

State Employees

The employee’s immediate supervisor is responsible for reviewing the leave form of state employees to insure the proper reporting of all hours designated for vacation or sick leave. Exempt employees must reflect leave in 4 or 8 hour increments only. The State Payroll Coordinator enters the time and leave of all state employees at Kansas Athletics in to the PeopleSoft State Payroll System. Copies of the time cards and a printed copy of the time entered into the system are on file in the Athletic Business Office. At the end of each calendar year this data is transferred to the employee’s permanent record file. State employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis. There are 13 days between the end of the pay period and the pay date for that period.

Additional information may be found at www.payroll.ku.edu

Exempt Employee Pay

Under federal wage and hour law, it is illegal to make certain deductions from an employee’s pay if his or her job is classified as exempt. Kansas Athletics complies with all laws, both state and federal, regarding pay practices. In the event of an inadvertent or improper pay deduction, affected employees are requested to bring the situation to the attention of the Human Resources Director immediately. Kansas Athletics will review the situation thoroughly and make any corrections to an employee’s pay deemed necessary. Questions or concerns about Kansas Athletics’ policy should also be addressed to your supervisor or the Director of Human Resources.

Distribution of Pay Checks

Kansas Athletics pays all regular employees (i.e. exempt, non-exempt and students) on a monthly basis with paychecks distributed on the last working day of the month. State employees receive their paychecks on a bi-weekly basis.

The Business Office distributes staff checks. Each department has a designated staff member who will pick up checks from the Business Office for distribution in the department. Employees may choose to have their paychecks directly deposited into their checking accounts (see below) in which case they receive a Deposit Advice Form in lieu of a live check. Employees who do not choose direct deposit will be issued a live check.

Direct Deposits and Automatic Deductions

As a service to the employee, and upon request, the Business Office will send an employee’s paycheck directly to his/her bank on payday. Each employee is responsible for making the appropriate arrangements with the bank for the handling of his/her check.

Employees may also arrange for automatic deductions, by completing the necessary forms in the Human Resources Office. Any change in number of dependents or change of address should be reported immediately to the Human Resources Office.

Holiday Wage Compensation

Regular full-time employees receive pay for all University/Kansas Athletics-approved administrative holidays, if the employee is in pay status. Payroll reporting procedures and details concerning holiday compensation are addressed in Policy 601E, KUAC Staff: Holidays, in this Manual.

Overtime, Shift Differential and Additional Wage Compensation

Prior to any overtime being worked, the employee’s supervisor must authorize the additional hours. Overtime wage compensation is provided to eligible employees in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Kansas Athletics’ policies.

Prior approval from the Director of Athletics or his designee is required before any administrative time for any exempt staff member may be afforded. Administrative time may only be approved when an exempt employee is repeatedly required to work extraordinary hours. All administrative time should be discussed beforehand between the Director of Athletics or his designee, the employee, and the employee’s supervisor.

Additional information on overtime eligibility and related compensation may also be found in Policy 401C, Budget: Salaries and Wages, in this Manual.