(406) Phones/Mobile Devices

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Updated 03/13


Mobile Devices

Mobile devices, including cell phones and i-pads, issued for Kansas Athletics employees are the property of Athletics, not the individual user and should be treated as such. Athletics reserves the right to inspect or request the return of the cell phone at any time.

Mobile devices are issued to only those with a business need and the departmental supervisor will approve the distribution and assignment of all Mobile devices. Mobile devices will not be issued to students, temporary workers, interns, graduate-assistants, or any other non-permanent full time staff member without the recommendation of the appropriate departmental supervisor. If approved by department/sport supervisor, unlimited data and text messaging plans are available.

Any software or other equipment for the mobile device (personal applications, music, videos, headphones, cases, or protective covers, Bluetooth headsets, car chargers, etc.) can be installed at the staff member’s own expense. Athletics employees are not permitted to download Applications that can be used to circumvent NCAA legislation.

Abuse of mobile device privileges, including excessive use of a cell phone (calls or text messages) for personal use, can result in revocation of phone privileges and possible disciplinary action. Supervisors shall be notified by Athletics IT should excessive use appear on bills and shall review such usage to ensure that it is appropriate. A review shall include an assessment of each authorized employee’s need to use a cell phone for business purposes.

Users cannot copy, forward, or otherwise distribute, in any manner, any of Kansas Athletics confidential information on any mobile device. All federal, Kansas, and other applicable laws, Kansas Athletics rules and policies and all applicable contracts and licenses should be complied with by employees. Examples of such laws include the laws of libel, privacy, copyright, trademark, obscenity and child pornography, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

All mobile devices, including tablets, will be registered by Athletics with a mobile device management company in order to ensure that the devices have the appropriate passcodes, Wi-Fi, email, and app settings. This will also allow the Kansas Athletics IT staff to wipe a device clean if the device ever becomes lost or damaged.

It is expressly forbidden by NCAA regulations, except in cases of emergency, for student-athletes to be given access to Kansas Athletics phones. Any such emergency calls are to be both brief and are to be documented and reported to the Kansas Athletics Compliance Office.

Lost or Damaged Equipment:
Individuals to whom mobile devices have been provided are responsible for the security and maintenance of the phones and must promptly report any loss or damage to Athletics IT in order to stop cell service. Should the mobile device assigned to the employee be damaged or lost, the employee is responsible for any replacement or repair charges unless approved otherwise by a departmental supervisor. Examples of neglect include leaving the device unattended, failing to secure it, leaving it in an unlocked car, etc. and will not qualify as a legitimate claim for theft. In the event of loss, the employee should contact the Athletics IT helpdesk and the departmental/sports supervisor within 24 hours. In the case of theft, the employee should report the incident to the Athletics IT helpdesk and his/her departmental/sports supervisor; it will then be determined whether a police report needs to be filed. Employees will not be held responsible for equipment breakage or malfunction that occurs during normal use as long as it is reported promptly. Replacement mobile devices are kept in limited quantities. It may take up to five (5) business days to replace a lost or damaged mobile device. Mobile devices for temporary use may or may not be available in the interim until a replacement becomes available.

New Employees:
The departmental/sport supervisor for the new employee should make the request for a mobile device as soon as possible prior to the start of the new hire’s employment. The cost of the device will be billed to the department’s budget. Mobile devices will be issued that are consistent with other devices within the department.

Departing Employees:
Staff members separating from Athletics will be given the option to purchase their current cell phone at a price determined by Athletics I.T. The telephone number will not transfer to the employee unless a departmental/sport supervisor gives approval and there is a legitimate business reason that the employee should retain the number. Should the employee decide not to purchase the cell phone, he/she must turn it in when checking out at his/her exit interview with Human Resources (HR), unless other arrangements have been approved by HR and the departmental/sport supervisor. Cell phone service will be shut off ten (10) business days after the final paperwork has been completed with HR; the cell phone must be returned to HR to avoid being charged for it on the employee’s final pay check.

Telephones (Desk Lines)

University IT is the primary provider of communications services at the University of Kansas. Athletics IT coordinates all telephone services (e.g. new service, change of service, special equipment, etc.) for Kansas Athletics.

Telephone services constitute a major expense item within Athletics budget. Employees should keep long distance calls to a minimum and avoid the use of long distance calls when other means of communication will suffice. Employees who abuse this policy will lose telephone privileges and may be subject to disciplinary action.

It is expressly forbidden by NCAA regulations, except in cases of emergency, for student-athletes to be given access to Kansas Athletics’ phones.Any such emergency calls are to be both brief and are to be documented and reported to the Compliance Office.

To avoid unnecessary and unapproved charges, long distance telephone use is monitored. Each area within Kansas Athletics is held accountable for incurred charges, bills and fees. Kansas Athletics long distance telephone and calling card charges are transmitted to the Athletics Business Office by University IT. Users are asked to review these charges on a monthly basis to ensure their accuracy.

Telephone Service or Repair Requisitions:
Kansas Athletics is not responsible for any expense related to telephone service unless it is approved in advance by the departmental supervisor. Requests for any addition, change or modification in service, as well as the movement of any office telephone equipment, should be submitted to Athletics IT.

Telephone Listings:
Each staff member is assigned a five (5)-digit telephone number, which is listed in the University of Kansas Telephone Directory. The Athletics’ HR department updates university telephone directories annually. Directories are distributed to each departmental area as they become available.

Collect Toll Calls:
University regulations prohibit individuals from accepting any incoming collect calls or the charging of third party calls to an 864 number.

New Employees:
New employees will receive J-Talk instructions during orientation that will instruct them how to set up and operate the telephone voicemail system.

Departing Employees:
Supervisors of departing employees will be able to go into the University system and change the phone greeting and assign a new password for a departing employee’s telephone number. It is suggested that incoming calls be forwarded to the administrative assistant or someone designated by the supervisor. If the supervisor wants the phone to be available for incoming calls the supervisor should re-record the name to the name of the department/sport until a new employee is hired for the position. To re-record a name, login to the voicemail system for that extension; press 5, then 5 again. You will be prompted to record the new name at that time.

Phone Use While Traveling

When an employee is outside Kansas Athletics setting and needs to make a long distance phone call concerning Kansas Athletics business, every effort should be made to use a Kansas Athletics cell phone prior to using a calling card, credit card or hotel phone.

If cell phone use is not possible, only local access phone charges will be paid. All long distance calls must be charged to a calling card or made via Kansas Athletics cell phone. Prior to placing any international calls (either traveling internationally or placing an international call from the United States), the employee must contact Athletics IT to ensure the proper plan is added to his/her cell phone.

Recruiting Telephone Log

Telephone contact initiated by Kansas Athletics staff members is to be kept on an on-going basis for each prospective student-athlete. See Policy 502A, Student-Athletes: Recruitment.