(407B) Ticket Office: Sales

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Updated 7/05


The Director of Ticket Operations is responsible for coordinating the day-to-day sale of tickets to athletic events and ensuring that applicable University regulations are followed. A computer program is used to accurately record and control reserved ticket sales. Monies received from general admission sales and accounted for on manual accounting sheets are also entered into the computer. Kansas Athletics charges admission for competitive events for the sports of football, soccer, volleyball, men’s and women’s basketball, softball, baseball and certain special events.

Any individual involved in the sale of tickets for University athletic events is expected to remember that quality customer service is the Ticket Office’s primary objective. Ticket patrons are to be treated with courtesy and respect at all times, with in-person ticket sales given priority over telephone orders. In the event that difficult situations arise, the employee should consult with a supervisor to resolve the problem.

For security reasons, the exterior and front doors to the Ticket Office are to remain locked at all times. Ticket Office staff receive training regarding the appropriate handling of emergency situations.

For additional Ticket Office information, see Policies 408A, C and D in this Manual.

Ticket Prices

Price structures for tickets to athletic events are established and reviewed by the Director of Athletics, after consultation with the Administrative Staff. Proposed changes are based on several factors, including ticket demand, facility seating, strength of schedule, prior win/loss record, comparable institutions’ price structures, economic climate and revenue demand.

Tickets may be paid for with cash, checks, or credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express). Mail orders are charged a handling fee.

Ticket Applications

Season ticket applications are generally mailed to previous season ticket holders and University faculty and staff. Football applications are mailed out in February, with a May return deadline. Season tickets are mailed out on or before August 15 for football.

Season ticket applications for men’s and women’s basketball are mailed on or before June 15 with a August 15 postmark return deadline. Confirmation of receipt of the order is mailed by September 1. Season tickets for basketball are sent on or before October 25. Big Twelve Tournament applications are mailed on December 15, with NCAA Championship applications sent on January 15. Big Twelve tournament tickets are mailed on February 15. Other sports season ticket applications are generally sent out 4-6 weeks prior to their respective season.

Processing Ticket Sales

Ticket sales are recorded both manually (for hard ticket sales) and on computer (for computerized ticket sales). The process for handling ticket sales is essentially the same regardless of the type of order (i.e. mail, phone or in person):

  1.     The sale is initiated through mail order, on-line, phone conversation or in-person contact.
  2.     Mail and phone orders are date-stamped upon arrival and processed within 24 hours of receipt; window sales are identified on the daily sales report.
  3.     Applications are numbered or identified with the appropriate customer account numbers.
  4.     Season ticket applications are entered into the computer system for proper computation of priority points and assignment of seats according to each sport’s priority system.
  5.     Seating requests are confirmed before generating tickets. Tickets are printed only after the order is verified and approved for processing.
  6.     Completed sales are recorded either manually (for hard-ticket sales) or via computer (for generated-ticket sales).
  7.     Tickets are presented, mailed or held at the “Will Call” window as appropriate.
  8.     Transactions are reconciled and funds are deposited at the close of the day.

Deposit of Funds

Revenue from ticket sales is logged on the computer file and transmitted at the end of each business day to the Business Office. (See Policy 402, Receipt, Custody and Deposit of University Funds for additional information.) Game-day ticket sales cash and receipts are personally collected and secured in the Ticket Office safe by the Director of Ticket Operations. Ticket sellers are to release their funds to no one but the Director of Ticket Operations.

Ticket Sales Reports

Ticket sales reports are prepared by the Director of Ticket Operations at regular intervals prior to the event and submitted to the Director of Athletics, Senior Associate Director of Athletics, Associate Athletic Director/External Affairs, Associate Director of Athletics/Internal Affairs, Chief Financial Officer, and the Director of Business Operations for review. Final sales reports are produced after the event and submitted to Kansas Athletics administrators, as appropriate.