(407D) Ticket Office: Distribution

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Updated 7/05


Kansas Athletics strives to generate maximum revenue while allowing for the fair and equitable distribution of available game tickets. The priority point system is designed to recognize individuals or groups who support University of Kansas athletic teams through the purchase of season tickets and/or through donor support. Although the allocation of student body tickets has been designated a high priority by Kansas Athletics, the popularity of a particular game may result in some students not being able to receive a ticket.

Each Kansas Athletics staff member involved in the handling of tickets is expected to uphold the integrity of the system.

Ticket Priorities

The Director of Athletics, in conjunction with the selected administrative staff members, reviews ticket allocation and seating priorities on an annual basis. Groups considered for ticket priorities are as follows: the Chancellor, Board-of-Regents, student-athletes, the University student body, coaches and senior staff members, season ticket holders, opponents and individuals receiving complimentary tickets. (For detailed information on complimentary tickets, see Policy 408C, Ticket Office: Complimentary Tickets, in this Manual.)

The factors which are considered when determining season ticket priorities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Current Donor Level; and
  2. Current Point Total.

Priority Point System

The Director of Ticket Operations ensures that tickets are distributed according to established priorities.

See Policy 903, WEF, Policy 707, Marketing and Promotions, and Policy 414, Courtesy Cars, for additional information regarding tickets which are allocated for trade-outs and donor benefits.

Ticket Reorder Priorities

The Williams Educational Fund (WEF) and Ticket Office utilize a computerized priority point system to designate seating assignments for season ticket. Ticket priorities at KU are based on a point system to reward loyalty and total dollar contribution to The Williams Educational Fund.

Points are calculated at the time of ticket distribution. Bonus points are based on current annual gifts and are not cumulative.

Contributors to the WEF are given priority on available season tickets (see Ticket Priorities above). However, being a donor does not guarantee the right to obtain season tickets. Seating is assigned according to the Priority Points System with special consideration given to special handling situations.

Season ticket holders do not acquire a property interest in the seats represented by their tickets and only purchase a seat license from year to year. As such, neither the seats nor the priority points may not be assigned, transferred from one person to another, nor pass through a testamentary devise. In the event of the death of a season ticket holder, the surviving spouse retains the couple’s accrued priority points.

Seating Assignments

Seating assignments are made based on the Priority Point System. As designated by the Director of Athletics, some prime seating is reserved for VIPs, recruiting requirements, corporate sponsors, senior staff and the handicapped. Additionally, all season ticket patrons should be aware that seats are reassigned annually.

Conference Games Seating Requirements

Per Big 12 Conference rules: For all sports which charge admission (with the exception of football, basketball, and baseball), each host institution will make available a number of tickets equal to twice the number of individuals in each travel squad.

  • Football – 0 complimentary tickets; seats are taken out of 3,650 that must be provided.
  • Basketball – 25 complimentary behind bench and option to purchase 75 additional (anywhere in building);
  • Volleyball – 30 complimentary;
  • Soccer 52 complimentary;
  • Softball 50 complimentary;
  • Baseball – 60 complimentary.

Student Tickets

Student participation in athletics events is of prime importance and every effort will be made to encourage maximum participation by students. The pricing of student tickets will be as low as possible and commensurate with the funding viability of the athletics program. The goal is for the pricing of the student sports combo ticket not to exceed one-half of the faculty/staff ticket prices. Student representatives will be involved in pricing decisions.

There are currently 4,000 seats allocated to students for men’s basketball and a minimum of 8,500 for football.

Prices for student tickets are as follows:  
Single Game is available$10.00Football and Men's Basketball
Season Ticket$35.00Football
Season Ticket$125.00Football and Men's Basketball

Students will receive free admission into all other sports with valid student ID. Note that there may be limits to how many seats are held for students. Having a valid ID does not guarantee admittance.

  • Tournaments, Meets and Bowl Games

The Director of Athletics determines the distribution of tickets for special events, such as tournaments and bowl games, after consultation with appropriate staff members and the Head Coach of the designated sport.

Faculty/Staff Tickets – all sports but men’s basketball

To encourage maximum participation by faculty/staff in attendance at athletics events, season tickets for this group will be priced at 80% of the public rate. Faculty/staff members may purchase two tickets at this reduced rate. Faculty/staff members may also purchase tickets at this price for their children of high school age and younger when available. Tickets purchased by faculty/staff members are intended for use by the faculty/staff member, their spouse (guest if single) and their children of high school age and younger. Faculty/staff members are not permitted to sell their tickets.

Faculty/Staff Men’s Basketball

  • SenEx will provide recommendations to Kansas Athletics for allocating 1,822 seats for faculty, staff, and retired faculty/staff in the Field House, with responsibility for implementation of the recommendations for the seating requirements by Kansas Athletics.
  • Kansas Athletics will provide notice to SenEx and solicit comments in the event the recommendations cannot be implemented.
  • SenEx and Kansas Athletics agree that staff and faculty members obtaining ticketed seating in the areas specified by this agreement shall pay only the staff and faculty discounted ticket price for a maximum of two seats per individual, and that staff and faculty members need not be members of or contributors to the Williams Fund or other organizations in order to obtain tickets and seating in these areas.
  • This arrangement will be effective for a term of five years beginning with the 2004- 2005 academic year and ending with the 2008-2009 academic year, and it is renewable in five- year increments upon written agreement between SenEx and the Athletics Director.
  • The recommendations of SenEx shall be for seating in the following areas: Sections D (52 seats) and Dl (46 seats); Sections 2 (223) and 3 (226); Sections K (52) and Kl (46); Sections 9 (222) and 10 (224); Sections P (52) and PI (46); Sections 13 (223) and 14 (222)* 176 seats in the lowest rows in the 3rd tier immediately behind Sections 2, 3, 9, 10, 13, and 14. Total: 1,822
  • Postseason tickets for faculty and staff will be handled as they have in the past.
  • A waiting list for faculty and staff seating will be established and administered by Kansas Athletics with seats located by policy based on recommendations to be provided by SenEx. Seats for present season ticket holders will be assigned by a system to be recommended by SenEx and implemented by Kansas Athletics prior to June 2004.

The SenEx Plan for Faculty & Staff with Discounted Tickets

General policies:

Only faculty and staff who are full-time, on phased retirement, retirees of the University, or surviving spouses/partners of 2003/04 season ticket holders may be ticket holders.
For three-quarter-, half- or quarter-season game packages [1], the specific games in each package will be determined by the Athletic Department; persons may not choose a package consisting of specific games.
SenEx will appoint a 3-person committee to interpret and oversee implementation of faculty/staff basketball ticket policies and procedures.

Allocation of Tickets:
2003/04 Season Ticket Holders:

  • May purchase full season, three-quarter-, half-, or quarter-season ticket packages in the 2004-05 season and consecutive seasons when payment is made on time.
  • If a 2003-04 current season ticket holder opts for a three-quarter-, half-, or quarter-season package in 2004-05 or thereafter, he/she may only renew that package or a lesser package.
  •  May renew up to two tickets annually, but no more than the number currently held.
  • Surviving spouses/partners of 2003/04 season ticket holders may purchase up to two tickets for three years, beginning with the season after the death of the employee.

Non-2003/04 Ticket Holders:

  • Eligible faculty/staff/retirees who did not hold 2003-04 season tickets may chose to participate in a lottery to be conducted every two years.

Seat Location:

  • The list of 2003/04 season ticket holders and lottery winners will be provided by the Kansas Athletics to the University Governance Office, who will validate each employee’s seniority status.
  • Seat location will be determined by seniority based on University service. Seats will be assigned to 2003-04 season-ticket holders with full-, three-quarter-, half-, and quarter-season tickets, and lottery winners, apportioned equally based on seniority.
  • The Kansas Athletics letter to 2003-04 season ticket holders will include an estimate of seat location.
  • Seat location is subject to change every two years.

Lottery Rules:

  • After allocation to 2003/04 season ticket holders, all remaining season tickets go into the pool to be awarded by lottery every other year.
  • Lottery winners are limited to two tickets per employee/retiree.
  • All lottery tickets will be available in quarter-season packages.
  • If not all tickets are purchased by lottery participants the first time through the list, lottery participants may purchase a second quarter-season package using the same ranking as in the first lottery, and so on, until all tickets are sold.
  • Season tickets (full, three-quarter-, half-, or quarter-season packages) that become available because of attrition or death shall go into the lottery pool at the end of the season.
  • Ticket packages that become available before the next lottery will be offered to the next person(s) on the previous lottery list (the “waiting list”).
  • Persons must indicate their desire to participate in each lottery.

General Public

To encourage maximum participation by the general public at all KU athletics events, prices set are commensurate with prices at peer institutions across the country and within the Big Twelve Conference.

Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics

Members of the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics are entitled to purchase two (2) season tickets at the applicable rate in football and men’s basketball. Additionally, Committee members will receive complimentary entrance to all other home regular season intercollegiate events for themselves and immediate family/significant other by signing in.

Additional (or new) tickets purchased at the applicable rate revert to Kansas Athletics at the conclusion of the board member’s term.

NCAA and Big 12 Tournament Ticket Allocation – Basketball

This policy statement is intended to serve as a guideline for the distribution of basketball post-season tournament tickets when the demand for tickets exceeds the supply of tickets.

Tickets for the following groups will be deducted from the total ticket allocation:

  • Chancellor’s Office
  • Basketball (player-parent, coaches & staff)
  • Kansas Athletics Board
  • Kansas Athletics staff & official travel party
  • KU Band and Spirit Squad
  • Less-than-full time and ESPN Regional staff are eligible to purchase postseason tickets (e.g. Big 12 Tournament, NCAA-1st and 2nd rounds), however full time staff will have ticket priority over these individuals with regard to availability and seat location.

Remaining tickets will be allocated to the following groups on a percentage basis:

  • Faculty/staff – 15%
  • KU students – 20%
  • Donors – 65%


Distribution within the faculty/staff and student groups will be on a lottery basis. Tickets will be for personal use only and must be picked up in person at the game site. Faculty/staff orders will be limited to two (2) tickets. Student orders will be limited to one (1) ticket per student.