(407E) Ticket Office: Policies

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Updated 2/15


Ticket Replacement/Lost Tickets 
The Kansas Athletics Ticket office will only conduct business with the season ticket holder of record.  Once received, season tickets that are lost, destroyed, mutilated or stolen can be replaced for a $5 per ticket fee.   If the original, unused tickets are presented at the gate, their barcodes will be invalid and the presenter will be refused admission.  The reprinted tickets will have the valid barcode and will be allowed entrance.

Tickets for individual games ordered within 7 business days of an event will be left at the Will Call Ticket Office window.  All patrons picking up tickets must present a photo ID in the name of the person that the tickets are left for.  Tickets will only be released to the ticket holder of record.  The main ticket office is located at the Southeast corner of Allen Fieldhouse.  The Ticket Office is open to the public from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday, unless otherwise noted due to holiday or inclement weather.

For Football Game Days:  Will Call is located on the west side of Memorial Stadium at street level.  The Will Call office will open 3 hours prior to kick off and will remain open through the end of the first half.

For Basketball Game Days:  Will Call is located at the main ticket office located on the east side of Allen Fieldhouse.  The Will Call office will open 1 ½ hours prior to tip off and will remain open through the end of the first half.

Address Changes 
It is the customer’s responsibility to notify, in writing, of any changes of address.  The Ticket Office is not responsible for tickets not received or returned due to incorrect address information.  Customers should print out the “Change of Address Form,” available on-line at KUATHLETICS.COM/TICKETS, fill it out and either fax or mail the completed form to the Ticket Office.  Please note:  Football change of address forms must be received prior to June 1st and Basketball change of address forms prior to September 1st.  Address changes may also be made online by accessing the individual’s account.  Only address changes are permitted;  name changes are not allowed.

Mailing of Tickets 
All tickets ordered, unless otherwise requested, will be mailed via first class mail.  Season tickets are mailed no later than three weeks prior to the first game.  All orders that are placed seven business days or less will be held at Will Call and can be picked up by the season ticket holder of record with photo ID.

General Ticket Policy 
Account Holder Privileges:

  • Account Holder – The account holder is the customer whose name appears on the first name line in our computerized ticketing system.
  • Business Accounts – The business name must be placed on the first line, with the individual representative listed on the second line.  The business is the account holder regardless of whose name appears on the second line of the address information.

Gifts:  Gifts are attributed to the entity making the payment.  Donations/contributions made toward priority seating must be made in the name of the season ticket holder of record (account holder).  Unrestricted gifts can be made on behalf of another person (at donor’s request), but this must be designated in writing when the gift is tendered.

  1. Current contributors to the University of Kansas Williams Education Fund will have first priority on available season tickets.  Being a donor, however, does not guarantee the right to obtain season tickets.
  2. All season ticket patrons should be aware that reassignment of seat locations will take place annually.  All home site seat assignments will be determined by the priority point system.
  3. Points are calculated at the time of seat allocation.  A reminder to all Williams Education Fund members – priority points are not transferable.

Transfer of Tickets 
The purchase of season tickets is not a property right but rather a privilege that is assigned annually to the customer by Kansas Athletics.  Season ticket holder privileges may only be transferred to an immediate family member (spouse, son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter). To do so, an account name change form from the Williams Fund must be filled out properly and the giving level must be at least at the $5,000 level. To remove a spouse’s name from the account, a notarized written request signed by both parties or a copy of the divorce decree must be provided.

Admission/Child Tickets 
Men’s Basketball is the only ticketed University of Kansas event that requires everyone, regardless of age, to have a ticket for admission.  For all other events, children 2 and under are admitted with parent/guardian without a ticket.  Any child who enters without a ticket must share a seat with an accompanying adult.  No one is allowed on the playing surface at any time without proper credentials.  Other events (bowl, post season, all NCAA events) will have different guidelines for admittance.

Ticket Requests 
All orders are subject to availability.  Kansas Athletics reserves the right to cancel, all or any part of, tickets ordered and will refund accordingly.  In the event the price level requested is unavailable, the Ticket Office will “bump down” to the next lowest price level when fulfilling the ticket order.

Joint Orders/Sit-With Requests 
If two or more patrons wish to be seated next to each other for home and/or away games, this request must be noted on the original ticket applications for each patron and must be received by the Ticket Office in the same envelope.  “Sit-with” requests involving different levels of contributions (priority points) will be assigned seating based on the lowest priority points.

Ordering Tickets 

  1. Walk-Up:  Customers may purchase tickets at the main Ticket Office located on the southeast corner of Allen Fieldhouse during regular office hours, provided that the tickets for that sport are on sale.  The Ticket Office is open to the public from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday, unless otherwise noted due to holiday or inclement weather.
  2. Mail:  Customers may place a ticket order through the mail by returning the ticket application/order form and enclosing payment in the form of money order, check or credit card.
  3. Telephone:  Customers may place an order by telephone through the Ticket Office with a credit card only.  The credit card will be charged immediately.
  4. On-Line:  Customers may place an order via the web at www.kuathletics.com – then click on the “Buy Tickets” link.  All on-line orders require electronic fund payment via e-Check (if available) or by credit card.  The credit card will be charged immediately.

When ordering tickets:

  • Notify the Ticket Office of any address changes.  This includes phone and email.
  • Requests to “sit-with” other patrons must be returned in the same envelope and the request must be noted on both applications.
  • Ticket orders must be paid for by the season ticket holder of record or patron of record for single game orders.  Tickets will only be mailed to the season ticket holder of record.
  • Payments are processed upon receipt.  All tickets are disbursed according to the priority point program.
  • Payment is not a guarantee that an order will be filled as some events are over- subscribed.  In addition, certain price levels cannot be guaranteed.
  • Overpayment will be refunded.
  • Displeasure with seat location, game outcome, or non-receipt after the game has been played are not grounds for a refund.

Payment for Tickets 
Kansas Athletics’ Ticket Office accepts payment through cash, check, money order and major credit cards only.  Full payment must be received at the time of the order.  Any check returned for insufficient funds places the ticket holder in jeopardy of losing his/her seat.  There will be a $25.00 charge for any returned check and the account will be reviewed for a possible loss of active status for future ticket purchases.

Refunds or Exchanges 
All tickets ordered from the Kansas Athletic Ticket Office are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.  All sales are final.  Refunds or exchanges will not be made due to a game time or date change.  While the tickets are sold with the above disclaimer, certain unusual circumstances may dictate a deviation from this practice.  Any refund requests need to be approved by the Director of Ticket Operations.

Requests for Additional Seating 
For sports in which additional seats are available, customers wishing to purchase additional season tickets may do so on their renewal application.  Please indicate in writing one of the following choices:

  • Retain original seats and place new seat(s) as close to original as possible.
  • Together – all seats should be together.  [This may mean a movement in seat location to a less desirable area.] 

Ticket Deadlines 
In order to provide the best possible customer service, all deadlines printed on ticket applications are absolute and final.  Orders received after the deadline may not be guaranteed tickets or previous seating location(s).  Many processes require the timely receipt of orders and payment so that vital services (Select-A-Seat, ticket printing, etc.) to other customers is not compromised.

Resale Of Tickets
Purchase of KU tickets for athletic events is a privilege not a right. Ticket holders (Williams Education Fund, Faculty/staff, students and general public) may transfer or post for sale their tickets electronically on the Kansas Athletics website through the Paciolan ticketing system.  The resale of tickets on University of Kansas property is prohibited.

Ticket holders who engage in the practice of reselling tickets may jeopardize their privilege of purchasing tickets in the future.

Resale of Tickets on Campus
Tickets for all KU athletic events state that they cannot be resold and may be seized or cancelled without compensation.  As such, Kansas Athletics is the only authorized seller of tickets for events at KU athletic contests.

KU has a solicitation policy that applies to commercial sales on campus property.  The resale of athletic event tickets on the KU campus is not a permitted exception to the University solicitation policy.

In order to enforce the University policy, Kansas Athletics will work with the University Public Safety Office to ensure that solicitation for sales, particularly ticket scalping, does not occur on campus property.  Kansas Athletics employees monitor the areas around the athletic facility where the event is occurring.  Those who are observed violating the University policy regarding commercial solicitation will be informed of the policy and asked to either discontinue the activity or leave campus grounds.  Violators will be informed that failure to stop the activity or leave will be subject to a charge of trespass.  Should the violators be observed continuing the activity, Kansas Athletics will notify the University Office of Public Safety.  Public Safety will ask the violator to leave campus and will pursue any enforcement remedies deemed necessary.

Enforcement of the solicitation policy will be uniform.  No one person or group will be targeted.  The enforcement of the policy on the resale of tickets applies to professional ticket “scalpers” as well as to the season ticket holder who cannot attend a game or has an extra ticket and attempts to sell it on campus.