(413) Kansas Athletics Automobile Safety Program & Motor Pool

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Updated 4/10




In order to reduce the incident of automobile related accidents and to contain insurance costs, Kansas Athletics monitors the operations of its vehicles and its drivers’ compliance with federal, state, and local motor vehicle laws.

I.          Automobile Safety Program

A.        Driver Responsibilities

1.         Driver Requirements
Before an employee, intern, or volunteer is eligible to drive a Kansas Athletics vehicle, receive a Wheel Club car, or be reimbursed mileage for driving a personal vehicle on Kansas Athletics’ business (“Drivers”), he/she must turn in a copy of his/her drivers’ license to the Director of Business Operations.  Recipients of Wheel Club vehicles must also turn in a copy of their spouse’s (also considered Drivers under this policy) driver’s license.

All new hires, interns or volunteers with driving responsibilities shall have a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) run prior to their operating a Kansas Athletics’ vehicle.  Random MVR checks on drivers eligible to operate vehicles and Wheel Club recipients and their spouses will be conducted annually for insurance purposes.

2.         Driving Standards
Drivers may be restricted from driving Kansas Athletics vehicles, driving a personal vehicle on official business, access to Wheel Club vehicles, or not be considered for employment if the Driver has

been charged with a major infraction within the last three years.  Major infractions are DUI, OUI, DWI, reckless driving, suspension or revocation, or a felony involving the operation of a vehicle; or
had more than three moving violations or preventable accidents within the past three years.

Drivers must immediately report to their supervisor any change in driver’s license status including suspension, revocation or restriction, and any major infraction for which they are charged, convicted or to which they have pled guilty or no contest.  Failure to report any such violations may lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

3.         Driving While Impaired/License Suspension Policy
This policy applies to all Kansas Athletics’ Drivers as defined above.  When a Driver is charged with operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, and/or drugs or is charged with driving while impaired or driving while intoxicated; or has refused to submit to a test to determine the presence of impairing substances when requested to by law enforcement personnel; or has his/her driver’s license suspended for any reason the following procedures will be followed:

The Driver will be forbidden to drive any Kansas Athletics or Wheel Club vehicle until a final resolution of the matter is reached or any license suspension has been removed.
If driving is an essential, job related duty, the employee’s department will make reasonable efforts to temporarily place the employee in a non-driving position pending the final disposition of the matter and/or the restoration of a valid driver’s license.
If no temporary non-driving position is available and the charges indicate an alcohol or substance abuse problem, the employee will be place on a short term medical leave of absence with pay in order to assist the employee to resolve the problem.  This short term paid leave of absence may only continue as long as medical documentation is provided by the employee which indicates that he/she is cooperating with recommended treatment.
Upon satisfactory completion of the recommended treatment and the restoration of full driving rights and removal of the suspension of the license under state law, the Driver may be reinstated to the former driving position.  Such reinstatement may be conditioned on continuing to participate in medical treatment, a remedial driving program, or may include restrictions on driving vehicles or student-athletes.
If a Driver is convicted of driving under the influence while intoxicated or impaired under the influence of alcohol or drugs, then the Driver may be permanently prohibited from driving Kansas Athletics’ vehicles, including Wheel Club automobiles.

II.        Kansas Athletics Motor Pool

A.        Use of Kansas Athletics’ Vehicles
Kansas Athletics maintains a limited number of vehicles for departmental use, which are scheduled on a first-come first-serve basis. However, Olympic sports team travel has top priority for usage over recruiting for any sport and also has priority over any revenue sport team travel. All team travel has priority over staff or individual travel.  The use of Kansas Athletics’ motor pool vehicles for personal use is prohibited.

B.        Business Office Charges
When Kansas Athletics vehicles are used, the Athletics Business Office will charge the budget of the team using the vehicle the current Wheel Club mileage reimbursement rate. The Athletics Business Office will reimburse the traveler for all expenses incurred for gasoline, tolls, parking, and major or minor repairs that are properly reported on an expense report. Original receipts are required for reimbursement of these expenses.

C.        Driver Responsibilities
When a Kansas Athletics driver as defined above checks out a vehicle from Kansas Athletics or from any private vendor, the driver remains responsible for the vehicle until it is returned. No vehicle may be loaned to anyone other than the person who has proper authorization for use of the vehicle. The following policies will be in force for all drivers when a Kansas Athletics’ vehicle is checked out:

  1. All traffic laws must be obeyed.  The driver and all passengers must use seat belts.
  2. Park only in authorized spaces.
  3. There must be no consumption of alcoholic beverages in the vehicle.  Drivers shall not drive after having consumed alcohol and/or drugs including legal drugs which may impair their ability to operate a motor vehicle.
  4. The vehicle shall be refueled before it is returned.
  5. Only those persons authorized and with a current driver’s license shall drive the vehicle.  Only those authorized should be present in the vehicle when it is driven.
  6. The vehicle shall be picked up and returned at the proper times.
  7. All trash must be removed from the vehicle before it is returned.
  8. Use of cell phones to talk or text when driving student-athletes is prohibited.

9.       Drivers must immediately report any traffic violations and accidents.

D.        Checkout of Kansas Athletics Vehicles

To reserve a vehicle, contact the Olympic Sports Equipment Room to pick up keys and mileage form envelope. The vehicle should be inspected by the OSER staff prior to departure.  Any prior damage to the vehicle should be noted on the envelope.

If a person has a change of plans and a vehicle previously checked out will not be needed, please notify the Olympic Sports Equipment Office as soon as possible.

A vehicle should be driven only during the period of time that it has been checked out. The possession of keys does not authorize the driving of the vehicle prior to or after the time for which the usage was scheduled.

Use of Kansas Athletics’ mini vans is restricted to moving personnel.  Mini vans are not to be checked out for the purpose of hauling equipment or anything that may potentially damage the interior of the vehicle.

Student-athletes are not permitted to drive Kansas Athletics’ vehicles.

E.         Return of Kansas Athletics Vehicle and Keys

All vehicles must be returned to the Wagnon Student Athlete Center Loading Dock area located between Anschutz Sports Pavilion and the Basketball Practice Facility. When returning a Kansas Athletics vehicle, the driver must properly complete the mileage form. Check the appropriate box on the mileage form regarding the usage.

Keys and mileage forms are to be turned in immediately upon return to the Wagnon Equipment Room. Vehicles are to be returned when scheduled to the Wagnon Loading Dock area as described above. All windows and doors must be closed and locked and the vehicle cleaned of all trash. After 5 p.m. and on weekends, keys should be sealed in the van mileage form envelope and dropped in the after hours key drop box adjacent to the loading dock.

          F.       Toll and Parking Charges

Charges for tolls paid for out-of-state travel in a State or Kansas Athletics owned vehicle are reimbursable with appropriate receipts.

Parking charges are reimbursable for in-state and out-of-state travel, when documented by receipts.

Tickets for parking and moving violations will be the financial responsibility of the team / camp / individual to whom the van is signed out.

          G.      Gas Purchases

Contact Olympic Sports Equipment Office for details.  Gas for local trips is filled at University F&O Maintenance Garage and charged back to appropriate budget. See the Equipment Room staff for each department / team’s gas code.

          H.      Accident Reports

In the event of any accident, the driver must follow the directions listed on the Accident Report form found in the vehicle’s glove compartment.

For injuries involving bodily injury, the driver should protect the scene, render emergency aid, call the authorities and notify his/her supervisor, the Director of Business Operations and the Assistant Athletics Director/Equipment Operations as soon as possible.  For property damage, when no personal injuries are involved, the driver is responsible for reporting the accident to the Director of Business Operations and the Assistant Athletics Director / Equipment Operations immediately upon the vehicle’s return to the campus.

Drivers found in violation of Motor Pool directives are held personally liable.

          I.       Team Travel Deadlines

All requests for Motor Pool vehicles for team travel are to be submitted to the Olympic Sports Equipment Manager by the following deadlines:

  • August 1, for fall sports;
  • October 1, for winter sports; and
  • January 15, for spring sports.

Scheduling is handled according to deadline dates with priority given to in-season teams.  For additional information see Policy 701B, Travel:  Teams in this Manual.

          J.       Use of Rental Vehicles

When renting vehicles for team travel, prior authorization is required.

III.    15 Passenger (Extended) Vans

Due to safety concerns, KU and Kansas Athletics’ policies require that 15 passenger vans may not be used to transport more than 8 passengers and one driver (9 total).  Although the University does not have an official policy for the use of 12 passenger vans, it is also suggested that no more than 9 people be transported in these vans.  For safety reasons, passengers should sit as close to the front of the vehicle as possible.  KU policy dictates that the driver of these vans is prohibited from cell phone usage while driving.
As with the use of all vehicles, the driver and all passengers must use seatbelts.