(414A) Financial Support: Non-Profit & Student Groups


Due to NCAA regulations and the number of charitable requests Kansas Athletics receives, Kansas Athletics has established this policy to ensure that its donations, sponsorships, company volunteer activities, and services are coordinated and aligned with its social responsibility strategy and business goals and are within its budget and resource limitations.  This policy eliminates duplication and establishes a central point of contact for internal and external requests. All expenditures for charitable donations, sponsorships, fundraising events, recognition dinners, golf tournaments, sponsorship tables, etc. will be handled pursuant to this policy.  Any exception to this policy must be approved by the Athletics Director.

The highest priority for Kansas Athletics fund-raising efforts is to generate resources for its student-athletes to provide them with the best educational environment and athletic experience. Though supporting student-athletes and giving them the best experience possible is our primary goal, Kansas Athletics will offer support to organizations that benefit the community and help those in need.

In order to be eligible to receive a contribution from Kansas Athletics, the requesting organization must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a designated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization;
  • Must be located in the state of Kansas, the Kansas City metro area,  or in a state served by a Big 12 institution;
  • Must submit no more than one proposal in a twelve-month period; and
  • Must submit a written request and provide supporting documentation including a copy of the most recent determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service recognizing the organization’s tax exempt status.

Kansas Athletics is not able to support the following:

  • Political candidates or causes or religious groups or causes;
  • External endowment fund drives;
  • Recreational activities, such as camps, sports leagues, bowling, carnivals, prom and graduation nights;
  • Education loans and scholarships;
  • Other grant making institutions, such as private, corporate, and government foundations;
  • Culture or the arts, including bands, plays, or orchestras;
  • Capital or building improvements, conferences or seminars, trips and tours;
  • Professional associations;
  • Personal foundations of Kansas Athletics staff members

Approval Process:

  • The donation of any goods or items to charities to be sold (e.g., autographed balls, old jerseys) must be approved by the Associate Athletics Director for Compliance and the Athletics Director or his designee.
  • Requests for autographed balls or merchandise, mascot appearances, or merchandise, follow the procedures outlined in Policy 414B:  AUTOGRAPHED MERCHANDISE FOR CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS.  Request forms for the Marketing Department.  Compliance must approve all requests.
  • Kansas Athletics is a full member of the University of Kansas community.  As a department we strive to support the community in all its endeavors.  Kansas Athletics staff and, where appropriate, student-athletes, will make every effort to support programs, concerts, conferences, etc. sponsored by community members with our time and energy but requests for financial support must meet the criteria listed in this policy.  Requests for university community support must be directed to the Director of Operations who shall review all requests in consultation with the Charitable Giving Committee, appointed by the Athletics Director.
  • Student-athlete groups, such as Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) or individual teams, may support charities via donating their time and energies for fund drives or other projects.  Requests for student-athlete support must be directed to the Director of Student Development.
  • All requests for financial support must meet the criteria listed above.  Written requests must be directed to the Director of Operations.  The Committee shall carefully review each request to determine if the criteria have been met.

Guidelines for Soliciting and Selling at the University of Kansas
No solicitation is permitted on grounds of the University of Kansas unless the activity is for the benefit of the University community and is under the sponsorship of a registered organization or University office with a reasonable portion of any financial profits resulting from the activity to be recycled into non-profit, philanthropic or student services projects sponsored by the registered student organization or University office. Solicitations on the grounds of the University of Kansas shall be done in a manner which does not interfere with the normal University process.  Any request for solicitation on campus must be approved in advance by the University Events Committee. No event or activity will be approved for the private gain of individuals.

Information on solicitation on campus is located at http://policy.ku.edu/sites/policy.ku.edu/files/UECGuidelines.pdf

*NOTE: City ordinance and potential sellers regulate selling and soliciting and solicitors should contact the Lawrence City Clerk to ascertain if a city license is needed.