(415) Mail Services

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Updated 11/11


Mail Service

Kansas Athletics uses the services of a private presort mail company. Daily mail service within the department will be as follows:

Mail delivery and pick-up by a part time student assistant will be made each morning as soon as the federal mail is received and sorted.

After pick-up, mail that MUST be sent that day should be taken to the mailroom by 4:15 p.m. It will be posted and taken to the Post Office.

Personal mail may be mailed through the mail room (Regular mail, UPS or FedEx). Personal items must be paid at the time they are brought to Mail Services. Mail Services can accept cash or a personal check. Payment by credit or debit card must be made in the business office prior to mailing.Williams Education Fund Mailing List

The Williams Education Fund mailing list is the property of Kansas Athletics and available only for athletic department business. The mailing list will not be made available to any outside individual or organization without the permission of the Athletics Director.

Other Services:

Runner Service: With advanced notice, preferably one business day, Mail Services will pick up or deliver documents or packages to other buildings on campus.

Copier Paper Delivery: Mail Services will deliver copy paper to your office; please provide at least one business day to allow time to schedule the delivery