(502C.3) Undergraduate/Graduate Studies

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Updated 5/15


Undergraduate Studies

Kansas Athletics is committed to achieving excellence in the classroom and is supportive of assisting all student-athletes in achieving an undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas.  To that end, Kansas Athletics is committed to funding a student-athlete’s undergraduate education during his/her period of eligibility and beyond if the student-athlete qualifies and is approved for post-eligibility aid and/or the Degree Completion Program (section 502C.2).

Graduate Studies

Financial commitments to student-athletes end once a student-athlete has concluded his/her eligibility and has completed the coursework requirements necessary to obtain an undergraduate degree.  Departmental financial constraints preclude Kansas Athletics from financing former student-athletes in their pursuit of graduate degrees. In situations when the student-athlete has completed his/her undergraduate degree and is still eligible for competition, Kansas Athletics may pay for graduate studies as long as the student-athlete continues his/her eligibility for competition.

Questions regarding graduate assistant and intern programs should be directed to the Human Resources Director.

Approval Criteria

Recommendations for approving applications for additional financial aid will be based on an evaluation of the following criteria, including, but not limited to:

•           Budgetary constraints
•           Grades achieved in previous coursework (i.e. previous academic record)
•           Course(s) enrolled in previously and dropped (e.g., reasons for dropping)
•           Student-athlete’s academic plan for successful completion of the coursework   requirements necessary to obtain an undergraduate degree
•           Student-athlete’s academic standing and citizenship record while on athletic financial aid


For exceptions to this policy, student-athletes must formally apply in writing to the Associate Athletics Director/Student Support Services.  The application should include a rationale for receiving additional financial aid and should include information regarding the requested courses. The application will be reviewed by the Sport Supervisor, the Senior Associate Athletics Director/SWA, and the Associate Athletics Director/Student Support Services.  If the application is recommended for approval, it will be presented to the Director of Athletics for final approval for any exceptions to this policy.

Student-athletes whose application for an exception is approved and who, subsequent to the first day of classes for the semester, drops below their approved credit hours will be charged for the amount of tuition which Kansas Athletics is not able to recoup.  This charge will go directly to the student-athlete’s account.  Additionally, any room & board payments to which that student-athlete would not be entitled will also be charged through the Bursar’s Office to the student-athlete’s account.

Exceptions to this policy will be automatically granted without the formal application process for football student-athletes who agree to attend the university and play football for their final year of eligibility without receiving an athletic grant-in-aid.  In this situation, Kansas Athletics may pay for one year of additional, post-graduation aid, after the student-athlete has completed his eligibility and upon recommendation from the Head Football Coach.