(502F) Student-Athletes: Transfer Release

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Updated 03/22



If a University of Kansas student-athlete is interested in transferring to another four-year school with intention to compete in intercollegiate athletics, they must first submit this request to the Kansas Athletics Compliance Office in writing using the proper form.  Additionally, NCAA regulations require that the student-athlete complete a short web-based educational module published by the NCAA and designed to help inform student-athletes considering a transfer.

Notification to Enter NCAA Transfer Portal Form: This form is used for a student-athlete to indicate their written request to put their name in the NCAA Transfer Portal. This form can be obtained electronically through a request to the Compliance Office or by obtaining a hard copy from the Compliance Office.  This form will not be deemed a final request until all portions of the form are complete, including the confirmation of the completion of the Division I Transfer Educational Module.

Division I Transfer Educational Module:  This short web-based module is published by the NCAA and designed to help student-athletes considering a transfer.  It is required for student-athletes to complete prior to their name being placed in the transfer portal.

Timeline for Name Submission into the Portal:  NCAA regulations require the institution to submit the student-athlete’s name into the portal within two (2) business days of a written request by the student-athlete.  Exceptions to this rule include the following:

  • Incomplete notification form (institution may require student-athlete to complete notification form)
  • Incomplete Educational Module
  • Written request by the student-athlete to delay or cancel their request

Student-Athlete Benefits after SA is added to the Transfer Portal

After a student-athlete’s name has been entered into the Transfer Portal, all benefits related to being a student-athlete may be discontinued.  Such benefits may include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Student-athletic academic support
  • Meals incidental to participation
  • Complimentary admission pass list
  • Student-athlete training/medical treatment
  • Equipment
  • Access to weight room, locker room, and/or other athletic facilities

Student-Athlete Athletic Financial Aid after SA is added to the Transfer Portal

After a student-athlete’s name has been entered into the Transfer Portal, the institution has the option to reduce, cancel, or non-renew an athletic scholarship at the conclusion of the present academic term.  If the student-athlete’s name is entered between terms (winter or summer break), then the institution has the option to reduce or cancel the scholarship immediately.

Withdrawal of Name from the Transfer Portal

A student-athlete may request that their name be withdrawn from the Transfer Portal at any time by submitting a written request to the Compliance Office.  If a student-athlete withdraws their name, but they have already been deleted from the roster and/or their financial aid has been reduced, canceled, or non-renewed; the institution is not obligated to place that student-athlete back on their roster or re-award athletic financial aid.  

Transfer Portal Contact Information & Restrictions

Once a student-athlete’s name is in the transfer portal, then any coach is permitted to speak with them regarding a potential transfer opportunity.  The transfer portal has an indicator of whether a student-athlete is open to being contacted or has requested that other coaches do not contact them.  The student-athlete will indicate their choice on the Notification to Enter Transfer Portal form.  If the student-athlete wishes to later change their choice, they can contact the compliance office with a written request.