(502G) Student-Athletes: Travel

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The purpose of the Student-Athlete Travel policy is to provide a framework for the safe and efficient travel of the intercollegiate athletic teams at the University of Kansas.

Responsibility for Administration

The Director of Athletics shall be responsible for the overall administration of this policy. The Director has designated the Sport Supervisors to be responsible for the compliance, oversight, and any required record keeping. Sport Supervisors shall provide a copy of this policy to every head coach. Any head coach or athletic staff member knowingly violating this policy shall be subject to disciplinary actions, up to and including termination.

Travel Expectations

As a representative of the university, Kansas Athletics, and a team, student-athletes are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Misconduct could lead to disciplinary actions, including suspension or even removal from the team and loss of athletic grants in aid. Use of any drugs, including alcohol, while traveling is strictly prohibited. To ensure that each student-athlete knows what constitutes acceptable behavior, Head Coaches are responsible for setting standards of team conduct through their team rules. Specific conduct standards may include dress code, individual conduct, curfews and free time activities.

Since attire reflects directly upon the student-athlete and his/her team, student athletes should take a special interest in their personal appearance, especially when traveling with their team. Head Coaches will set dress code standards when traveling and may also specify what constitutes appropriate dress while the student-athletes are representing the University at other times.

To protect team security and ensure the confidentiality of travel routes, practice plans, meal arrangements, hotel room assignments, etc., student-athletes should not share travel details on their own social networks.

Academic Expectations

Missed Classes for Team Travel

It is the responsibility of each student-athlete to inform his/her professors at the beginning of each semester of the class dates to be missed due to team travel. Arrangements for taking any examinations or completing work assignments affected by team travel or competition are the responsibility of each student-athlete. Should a problem with missed classes due to team travel arise, the student-athlete’s Academic Counselor should be contacted to assist in resolving the situation.


University of Kansas professors are under no obligation to offer a make-up exam or to reschedule an exam. However, most professors are willing to assist student-athletes with making-up or rescheduling the exam, provided they are given sufficient notice. Therefore, when a student-athlete learns that an exam is scheduled during the time he/she will be participating in the intercollegiate athletics program, the student-athlete is responsible for notifying the instructor and making arrangements to make up the exam.

  • Exam Proctoring
  • With the professor’s approval, Student-Athlete Support Services staff members are available to serve as exam proctors while a team is traveling. Or, with the professor’s approval, Student-Athlete Support Services staff members may coordinate with appropriate faculty or staff members at the host site to serve as exam proctors. Requests for the scheduling and coordination of “on the road” exams must be submitted as early in the semester as possible.


Student-athletes are not permitted to drive Kansas Athletics vehicles.

  1. 1. All student-athletes must travel to and from an away event with their teammates. Any exception is at the discretion of the Head Coach with the approval of the Director of Athletics, or the Sport Supervisor. A student-athlete 18 years of age or younger may not travel apart from the team without written parental approval. A Travel Release must be completed by the student-athlete prior to the team travel should he/she be given permission to travel separately from the team. This form releases Kansas Athletics from any liability or risk involved in the alternate travel plans. The student-athlete will only be permitted to travel separately with a parent or legal guardian and will not be permitted to travel in his/her personal vehicle.2. All Lodging accommodations are arranged by the Travel Coordinator in consultation with the Head Coach and approval of the Sport Supervisor. All teams are required to assign two (2) players to a room. Under no circumstance may more than one student-athlete be assigned to a bed. Single room accommodations are used to accommodate an odd number of student-athletes. Student-athletes must stay with their teammates at the assigned lodging unless a prior exception has been approved by the Head Coach. Per NCAA policy, student-athletes are not permitted to use any in-room telephones and must pay at check out for any in- room charges. Missing or damaged items from hotel rooms will be charged to the room occupants.3. Student-athletes may be fed as a team or given a per diem meal allowance. Higher per diem rates may be granted based on the away site’s locale. Coaches are encouraged to arrange team meals so that the student-athletes receive a balanced diet and are not tempted to skip meals. Each student-athlete receiving a per diem must acknowledge receipt of the money by signing the Travel List/Meal Money Disbursement sheet. A Travel List/Meal Disbursement Sheet must account for each day of travel, and must specify each meal’s cash allotment in the bottom section. It must also be signed and dated. As allowed by NCAA rules, a fourth meal may be permitted on game day.