(504B) Student-Athletes: Food Service

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Updated 07/15

Kansas Athletics adheres to all University, Big 12 Conference and NCAA rules and regulations related to providing food service to student-athletes.  Each Head Coach determines which student-athletes are to receive “board” as part of their athletic scholarship.  The Senior Associate Athletics Director/Senior Woman Administrator serves as the Kansas Athletics liaison to KU Dining Services.  Student-athletes designated to receive board allotments as part of their athletically related financial aid may receive a University meal plan or a “cash-in-lieu” monthly payment, depending upon their living arrangements.

KU Dining Services

The University provides dining services seven days per week for all undergraduate students while residence halls are open.  For all rules and regulations concerning University Housing and Dining Plans (including meal plan options, prices, and hours of operation) please see www.housing.ku.edu.


In compliance with NCAA regulations, student-athletes living off campus who are eligible for board, receive a stipend equal to the established on-campus board award.  A final listing of student-athletes approved to receive off-campus room and board stipends is completed in August by each coach.  Additions and/or deletions for the second semester must be submitted in December.  Monthly board checks are distributed through the Athletics Business Office.  Student-athletes must present a photo I.D. to receive their checks.

Married student-athletes receive the same board amount as any other student-athlete living off campus.  Further information regarding stipend disbursements can be found in Policy 502D, Student-Athletes: Financial Aid.

Vacation and Break Meal Service

Coaches requiring meal service for their teams during vacation or break periods when the dining halls are closed (e.g. Thanksgiving, spring recess, etc.) are to request per-diem allowances through the Athletic Business Office a minimum of two (2) weeks in advance of the vacation or break period.  All per-diem allowances must not exceed the per diem provided to institutional staff members.

Guest Meals

Student-athletes are personally responsible for paying for all meals eaten by guests in the University Dining Halls.

Occasional Meals

Student-athletes are eligible to receive an occasional meal in the locale of the institution from an institutional staff member on infrequent and special occasions.  Kansas Athletics defines “occasional” as no more than one time per month.  Additional consideration to exceed one time per month can be approved for an occasional meal that is provided in conjunction with a special event.  All occasional meals are required to be pre-approved by the Compliance Office.