(506F) Student-Athletes: Pregnancy Policy

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Updated 7/13


In the interest of maintaining the good health of female student-athletes participating in athletics at the University of Kansas, the following recommendations are made in the event of pregnancy.

What to do if You Become Pregnant:

A student-athlete who suspects she is pregnant should have this verified as soon as possible by a physician of her choice.  The student-athlete should notify her Head Coach, Athletic Trainer or Head Team Physician as soon as possible in order to protect her health.   She should avoid all medications, x-rays, as well as alcohol consumption until she is certain she is not pregnant.

Can You Continue to Train and Compete?

Continued participation in athletic activities, including competition, must be evaluated by the student-athlete’s physician and the Head Team Physician.  Athletic participation will depend upon the demands of the student-athlete’s particular sport, the physician’s recommendation, and the recommendation of the Head Team Physician.

If the student-athlete miscarries or chooses to terminate her pregnancy, she may not return to athletic participation until such participation is approved by her physician and the Head Team Physician. In addition, after delivery, she may not return to athletic participation until participation is approved by her physician and the Head Team Physician.

What happens to Your Scholarship?

Per NCAA regulations, all grants in aid are renewed in accordance with NCAA rules.  As such, Kansas Athletics will not revoke or reduce an athletics grant-in aid due to pregnancy.  NCAA rules permit a one-year extension of the five-year period of eligibility for a female student-athlete for reasons of pregnancy.

Who pays for your Medical Expenses?

All medical expenses that are a result of pregnancy are the responsibility of the student-athlete.

Where can you go for Support?

Contact the Sports Medicine Department for counseling services and physician referrals.