(507B) Student-Athletes: Promotional Activities

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Kansas Athletics adheres to all NCAA, University, Conference rules and regulations related to student-athletes’ participation in promotional activities.  NCAA rules specifically state when and under what conditions such activities are permissible, and they must be strictly followed when evaluating potential promotional activities for University of Kansas student-athletes.

The Director of Student-Athlete Development should be notified of all requests for student-athlete participation in promotional activities. A required Promotional Activity Form is forwarded to the individual or organization conducting the activity.  Completed forms bearing the signature of the individual or organization representative are returned to the Director of Student-Athlete Development.  Along with a completed form, the requesting agency must include a description of the request.  The Compliance Office reviews the request to ensure the request is permissible within NCAA guidelines.  The Compliance Office approves all requests for promotional activities by signing the Promotional Activity Form (on behalf of the Director of Athletics).

NCAA Bylaw states that a member institution or recognized entity thereof (e.g., fraternity, student government organization, etc.), member conference, non-institutional charitable, educational or nonprofit agency may use the student-athlete’s name, picture or appearance to support its charitable or educational activities or to support activities considered incidental to the student-athlete’s participation in intercollegiate athletics.  As a prerequisite to the approval, the authorized representative of the entity must sign a release statement ensuring that the student-athlete’s name, image or appearance is used in a manner consistent with the following requirements:

·         The specific activity or project in which the student-athlete participates does not involve co-sponsorship, advertisement or promotion by a commercial agency other than through the reproduction of the sponsoring company’s regular trademark or logo printed on materials such as pictures, posters or calendars.  Personal names, messages and slogans (other than an officially registered trademark) are prohibited. (Specifically, student-athletes may not appear as commercial spokesmen or representatives for companies.  Furthermore, no monetary compensation (except actual and necessary expenses) may be made to the student-athlete.);

·         The name or picture of a student-athlete with remaining eligibility may not appear on an institution’s printed promotional item (e.g., poster, calendar) that includes a reproduction of a product with which a commercial entity is associated if the commercial entity’s officially registered trademark or logo also appears on the item.

·         The student-athlete does not miss a class to participate in the activity; and

·         All monies derived from the activity or project goes directly to the member institution, charitable organization, or educational agency.

The student-athlete is permitted, however, to receive actual and necessary expenses from the University, charitable organization or educational agency related to participation in the activity.

The Director of Student-Athlete Development is responsible for evaluating requests by University, charitable, or educational entities desiring to use student-athletes to promote their causes or requesting a student-athlete for a community service event. Each organization requesting participation of student-athletes in promotional activities must complete a Promotional Activity Request Form.  If the submitted form meets institutional requirements, it is forwarded to the Compliance Office designee, for signatory approval of NCAA requirements.

Summer Sports Camps Promotions

Student-athletes involved in the promotion of any sports camps (institutional or private) must receive the approval of the Compliance Office.  Any promotional material bearing the name, image, or likeness of a student-athlete with eligibility remaining must be approved by the Compliance Office prior to usage.

An institutional staff member who conducts a camp independent of the institution may not use the names or pictures of student-athletes with remaining eligibility if the student-athletes will not be employed as counselors at the camp.  Camp materials may include the name, picture and the institutional affiliation of any student-athlete who will be a counselor at the camp only to identify the student-athlete as a staff member in a designated camp counselor’s section and may not use the student-athlete’s name or picture in any other way to directly advertise or promote the camp.